Frequently asked questions about funeral flowers

Flowers are a traditional way to honor someone who is deceased, but not everyone is familiar with the etiquette for sending funeral flowers or what to consider when ordering them. Here are some frequently asked questions about sending funeral flowers.

Say thanks to your volunteers this month

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month, so it’s a great time to say thank you. Volunteers make a difference in schools, churches, businesses, nonprofits, communities, and many other places. It’s hard to imagine a world without volunteers!

Here are some tips for thanking your volunteers.

Find out their likes and dislikes

Many organizations have a volunteer form that someone must complete prior to filling a volunteer role. If you oversee a small team of volunteers and don’t have a form, perhaps it’s time to start using one.

Flowering bulbs for spring

Spring has finally, maybe, sort of, almost arrived in Oklahoma! The daily temperatures may be confused about the season, but the beautiful spring flowers know that it’s spring.

Tips for choosing prom flowers

Prom season is here! It’s time to start thinking about dresses, tuxes, transportation, and dinner plans. And flowers! Can’t forget the flowers.


The corsage and boutonniere are a classic part of the prom tradition, and it’s often the first time for a teenager to present flowers of any kind to their date for the evening. Here are some basics on selecting prom flowers to help make the process easier.


Who pays for the corsage and boutonniere, and how much do they cost?


Flower spotlight: carnations

Carnations are an extremely versatile flower when it comes to flower arrangements. Available in a wide variety of colors, they’re a great base flower that can add fullness to any arrangement without adding a lot of cost.


The history of carnations and how they got their name has been long debated, and there’s really no clear answer. Some say the name comes from the Latin word carnis, which means flesh, because the original varieties of carnations were pink in color. Others say the name comes from coronation because the flowers were often used in Greek flower crowns.



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