Flower Spotlight: Tropicals

You may not be able to visit the tropics any time soon, but you can bring a little bit of the tropics home from our coolers with a variety of beautiful blooms!

Originating in South Africa, the bird of paradise flower is known for its resemblance to the flashy, elaborate tail feathers of the birds of paradise species.  The flower comes in fresh-cut and plant form.  Also called the crane flower, this pretty perennial is a popular fresh flower because of its hardy nature and bright orange colors.

French-inspired wedding flowers

France is known for romance. The look and feel of French-inspired weddings are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Because of that, it’s a style that endures year after year for brides on their big day.

Some of the best blooms to bolster your romantic French chateau theme are sprigs of lavender, blushing pink primrose, soft white garden roses, and sweet little strings of greenery. To add a modern twist to your theme, add some bright, bold pops of color with bold pink peonies or dahlias.

Flower spotlight: Succulents

Need a 15% boost is productivity and concentration? We could all use that, right??

Scientific studies show that house plants do just that, along with boosting moods and reducing stress levels. Plants are happiness! They bring some much-needed cheer into our lives during challenging times or add extra happiness to an otherwise regular day.


Celebrate moms and bonus moms

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate moms of all kinds. Moms aren’t always the ones that gave birth to you—they can come from anywhere. Sometimes they’re a friend’s mom or a bonus mom you met somewhere along the way in life. Maybe they’re a step-mom that loves you like her own. Or an adopted mom that dreamed about you long before you came into her life. Be sure to take time to celebrate the moms and the bonus moms in your life this Mother’s Day.


Flower spotlight: Aster

Asters are a delicate little flower. These sweet perennials work well as colorful accents in floral arrangements and bouquets, and they really create a foundation for beautiful floral decor when they’re paired with other blooms.

Here are a few ways to consider incorporating aster flowers in your next Lilygrass order.


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