Welcome house guests with a beautiful bouquet

Fresh flowers can brighten up a room in any season, and it’s an especially nice touch when you have house guests. A simple bouquet in a guest bedroom or bath or some bright blooms at the kitchen table during breakfast makes an everyday event seem just a bit more special.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate them into different areas around the house, such as kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas. Decorative glass and ceramic containers already displayed in those areas can be used as long as they can hold water.

Flower spotlight: Snapdragons

Antirrhinum are commonly known as snapdragons or dragon flowers because they resemble the head of a dragon opening and closing its mouth when squeezed from the sides. That’s a fun way for a flower to get its name, right?

They’re native to the United States, North Africa, and the rocky terrains in Europe. There are two distinct species of this unique flower, the garden snapdragon and the lilac snapdragon, though neither can breathe fire as far as we know.

Add an extra touch to your special event with a flower crown

Flower crowns are a great option for adults and children.  They are adorable on flower girls at a wedding and make super fun photos for toddlers or young girls. You can even add some festive fun to a special girls' night out dinner with flower crowns! Or add some flair to a colorful Easter outfit or other special event.

Meet A Few Staff Members at Lilygrass

If you’ve ever called our shop, dropped by to pick up a bouquet and browse our gift shop or we delivered to you, you know that we have some of the friendliest staff members you’ll ever meet (both the human and canine kind).

But you may not know all of our staff, so we thought we’d introduce you to some of them.

Gift ideas for spring

With the bone chilling winds of winter coming to an end soon (we hope), our thoughts turn to the bright and cheery colors of spring. For centuries, the spring season has been accompanied by celebrations of renewal and hope. Vivid spring hues are a wonderful way to bring life to any environment, no matter how dull.

Let’s talk about a few fun ways to incorporate them this season.


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