Flowers and gifts for Self-Care

Making some New Year’s resolutions? If you’re not quite sure what to put on your list, consider self-care. We are all so used to caring for others but often feel guilty for taking time to care for ourselves. It’s okay to treat yourself! In fact, it’s good for your emotional, mental, and physical health. Here are a few ways you can spend a little time on self-care in the new year.

Flower spotlight: poinsettias

Ancient Aztecs were the first to cultivate the flower we know as poinsettias.

Shop local for fun, whimsical gifts

The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us. While it’s always important to support small businesses, this year it matters even more, as so many are still trying to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Local shops that have survived this trying time are hopeful and preparing for a big holiday season.

History and symbolism of cornucopias

Thanksgiving floral arrangements are often displayed in a cornucopia. Have you ever wondered why? What is a cornucopia and how did it become a common holiday centerpiece? 

Flower spotlight: sunflowers in fall arrangements

Sunflowers may be staples of summer because of their bright yellow color and large round shape resembling the sun, but they also work beautifully in fall floral arrangements. 


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