History and symbolism of cornucopias

Thanksgiving floral arrangements are often displayed in a cornucopia. Have you ever wondered why? What is a cornucopia and how did it become a common holiday centerpiece? 

Flower spotlight: sunflowers in fall arrangements

Sunflowers may be staples of summer because of their bright yellow color and large round shape resembling the sun, but they also work beautifully in fall floral arrangements. 

Flower spotlight: chrysanthemum daisies

Chrysanthemums, often just called mums, are one of the most popular blooms in the world, second only to roses. But you have to be careful when talking with a florist about "mums" because there is the button mum, chrysanthemum, spider mum, and the list goes on.

The language of colors

When you send someone flowers, you are generally trying to tell them something: “I love you,” “I support you,” “I celebrate with you.” But did you realize that the color of flowers you choose can reinforce or clash with that message? Here are a few tips and choices on how to boost your intention with the language of colors you choose for flowers.

Flower spotlight: eucalyptus

When you hear the word eucalyptus, it may make you think about cold and flu remedies or creams that treat muscle aches, but it’s also greenery that graces bridal bouquets and event flower arrangements alongside peonies, hydrangeas, orchids, and other beautiful blooms. It is so versatile that you see it in everyday designs as well. Pinterest is bombarded with it daily.


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