Caring for non-flowering plants and succulents

Non-flowering plants like ivy and succulents are must-haves in the world of decor. If you’re looking to add a little life to your home or office, try cultivating a few indoor plants.

Flower spotlight: astilbe

Originating as ornamentals in Japan in the 1800s, astilbe is a stunning flower that can brighten any room with their tall, feathery-soft looking sprays in reds, purples, pinks, and whites. Astilbe is also known as False Goat’s Beard because it does slightly resemble a beard.

Let’s celebrate National Dog Month!

It’s National Dog Month! Our regular customers know we're huge fans of dogs here at Lilygrass. If you come visit our shop, chances are you'll be greeted by one of our shop dogs, behind a closed gate, looking for some extra pets because the owner, Alicia brings her 2 dogs to work everyday, Rosco and Baloo.

Flower spotlight: anemone

Anemones might make you think of clownfish and crashing waves, but the name also belongs to a flower in the buttercup family. With wide petals on delicate, wiry stems, anemones are some of the earliest perennials to grace gardens each year. Also known as windflowers, they feature soft shades of white with occasional touches of purple and pink.

Tips to help cut flowers last longer

Getting flowers from a loved one on a special occasion — like an anniversary, graduation, birthday, or holiday — is always a beautiful thing that brings smiles to many faces. But have you ever felt a little sad when that beautiful bouquet starts to show signs of wilting? We want to hold on to fresh flowers as long as possible, so we research the internet and compiled a list of things to try at home.


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