Flower Spotlight: Marigold


Marigolds are one of the most popular annual flowers for gardeners. Not only are they easy to grow, they also bloom bright and cheerfully all summer long. The name marigold has multiple derivations. The modern day meaning translates to “golden flower,” but is said to have religious roots going back to early 1600s Spain. The flowers were placed at the altar of the Virgin Mary and became known as “Mary’s Gold” and hence marigold. In India, these blooms also carry a religious significance and are known as the “Friendship Flower.” Whatever you call these fragrant flowers, you can count on them blooming all summer long.

Marigolds are known for their cheery and Pom-Pom like blooms and they grow in colors ranging from yellows to oranges and even reds. Although there are more than 50 species of marigolds, the most common are the North American and French marigolds. Both grow very easily outdoors in full sunlight, including the hottest summer days. The French variety tends to stay smaller and more compact, offering blooms anywhere from six inches to two feet tall. North American Marigolds can grow to be three to four feet in height and enjoy dryer and hotter environments than its French counterpart.

You will likely find marigolds in most hobby gardens as they are not fussy and will grow in a variety of soil conditions. Marigolds naturally disperse limonene, a natural chemical that insects hate the smell of. This biological defense mechanism not only protects the marigold plants themselves, but acts as a barrier between insects and the plants behind them. Who knew that marigolds were the bouncers of the garden?

Although they repel insects, find relief in knowing that marigolds attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators into your garden. Just watch out for pesky spider mites and aphids and harvest your blooms consistently to avoid powdery mildew spreading to the surrounding plants. Once cut, marigold blooms will look beautiful in a vase arrangement and usually last a week or more. Or try drying your marigolds by hanging small bundles upside down for a few weeks and enjoy them longer.

For a simple summer look, pair marigolds and sunflowers with some greenery in a vase or wrap. Or leave it up to our designers to add beautiful marigold blooms to your next arrangement. Don’t wait too long or these gorgeous golden blossoms will be out of season.

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