Gifts for the dog lover in your live

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! Dogs bring love, joy, and happiness to our lives each and every day. No one knows that better than Lilygrass flowers and decor's owner, Alicia, who holds a special place in her heart for dogs and cats. She has been a foster dog mom and (kittens) for All Paws Rescue for years and all her fur babies are rescues.

Wedding floral checklist

Planning a wedding? Flowers are a special touch of color, symbolism, and beauty on your special day, but it can also be a bit overwhelming to think through all the options and decide what exactly you want. Every wedding is unique and there is no right/wrong decision on how many flowers are present.  Lilygrass flowers and decor does not require a minimum order for weddings.

Artificial floral arrangements for fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year when the temperatures begin to drop and you can start to feel a crispness in the air. While the summer heat likes to linger in Oklahoma, we always know fall is coming as the calendar turns to September. Fans of summer like to hang on to those final warm days, while those who love fall start longing for sweaters and colorful fall leaves.


Flower spotlight: Peace lily Plant

Peace lily plants are a common "flowering" green plant chosen for sympathy occasions, including illness and funerals, and are also used frequently in the spring to signify new life. They’re long lasting and very easy to care for, and they offer simple but stunning beauty of delicate white blooms among deep green foliage.

Tips for Caring for Houseplants

When you want to send a gift that will last, a houseplant in a beautiful container or basket is a wonderful option. With proper care, a houseplant can last for years and continue to offer love, joy, or comfort to the recipient.

As with any plant, houseplants need water, sunshine, and a little pruning to thrive. If you’ve received a houseplant as a gift, follow these recommendations to keep it looking its best.


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