Flower spotlight: wax flower

Despite their name, the filler wax flower is not anything like those annoying little drips that get stuck to the counter when your candle melts just a little too much. Wax flowers are commonly used as floral fillers due to their petite size, but they can be visually impactful all on their own as well. Ranging in color from white, ivory, orange, yellow, light and dark pinks, purples, and reds, and even bicolor, these tiny blooms pack a punch and look great in almost anything!

Making and caring for dish gardens

Have you ever looked at an old dish and wondered what it would look like with a garden in it? Probably not, but dish garden trends are on the rise and you might be surprised by how creative and versatile they can be. What are they exactly? Dish gardens are simply a collection of different plants in one container. Sometimes that container is a dish of some kind, and sometimes it’s not.

Flower spotlight: spider mums

Spider mums add such a fun and festive element to any arrangement! These hardy blooms are part of the daisy family along with marigolds and zinnias. They are available year round for florists in a cut flower.  Outdoor they are late bloomers in your flower beds, which is why you see more of their beautiful buds during the fall season. Spider mums are hardy perennials with thick round stalks topped with long, narrow petals.

Decorating cakes with flowers

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word cake? Probably something like icing, dessert, sugar, yum, birthdays, or weddings. But what about flowers? 

Flower spotlight: misty, a versatile filler flower

Have you ever watched a movie and intentionally focused on the people in the background instead of the main actors during a major scene? It is so fascinating to see their expressions and reactions that most people never really notice. But think about how different those scenes would look without those extras to complete it? 


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