Celebrate moms and bonus moms

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate moms of all kinds. Moms aren’t always the ones that gave birth to you—they can come from anywhere. Sometimes they’re a friend’s mom or a bonus mom you met somewhere along the way in life. Maybe they’re a step-mom that loves you like her own. Or an adopted mom that dreamed about you long before you came into her life. Be sure to take time to celebrate the moms and the bonus moms in your life this Mother’s Day.


Flower spotlight: Aster

Asters are a delicate little flower. These sweet perennials work well as colorful accents in floral arrangements and bouquets, and they really create a foundation for beautiful floral decor when they’re paired with other blooms.

Here are a few ways to consider incorporating aster flowers in your next Lilygrass order.

Plant Spotlight: Bromeliad

Have you ever considered throwing a pineapple top into your floral centerpiece? Chances are you haven’t, but maybe you should?

Bromeliads are a beautiful plant from the same family as the pineapple. They’re stunningly unique and add a slight edginess to potted arrangements. Native to the tropics, subtropics, and West Africa, this bloom commonly showcases tightly overlapped green leaves with long, pointed ends (like the leafy top of its pineapple cousin).

Wedding Trends for Spring and Summer

It’s the season of love! With Valentine’s Day in the rearview mirror, busy brides are preparing their spring and summer weddings. Searching for the perfect dress, caterer, and venue is near the top of every bride’s list. Flowers are high on that list as well, as they help set the mood for your wedding.

Fresh blooms and bouquets have been a staple at weddings for centuries, and modern-day brides have more options than ever before. Here are a few wedding trends for spring and summer weddings this year.

Flowers and gifts to brighten winter days

Winter won’t last forever. Remind yourself of the brighter days to come by placing pretty bouquets around your house and office. Bright yellow blooms with splashes of orange or cheerful purples and pinks will help remind you that spring is just around the corner.


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