Flower spotlight: delphinium

Delphinium, sometimes referred to as larkspur, is a stalky perennial flower with stunning blooms that come in a variety of colors. The flower is native to the tropical mountains of Africa and the Northern Hemisphere. Though highly toxic to both humans and animals, delphinium blooms are beautiful in any floral bouquet.

Mothers are pretty special, so our celebration of them should be too. If you’re not sure where to start in choosing a gift, try writing down her favorite things… colors, collectibles, favorite moments or memories, or things that make her smile.

Fresh floral wreaths

Wreaths are a beautiful way to celebrate the warm air and bright sunshine of spring, but they’re also a wonderful touch any time of year. Majority of the wreaths, decorating doors and entryways, are made from artificial flowers, but there are many ways to create and display beautiful fresh floral wreaths!

Choosing a wreath base

Flower spotlight: hydrangeas

Derived from the Greek language, hydrangea means “water vessel” because of the shape of its seed capsules. They are native to America, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, and the Himalayas and bloom from early spring to late autumn.

Hydrangea flower heads (also called corymbs or panicles) come in two types: large bold flowers and small interior blooms. The larger, more colorful blooms are typical for bouquets and floral arrangements because they have been specifically bred for their size. The smaller blooms are more common in wild growth populations.

Share peace and hope this Easter season

The Easter holiday brings feelings of hope and renewal, and flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate both the newness of spring and the beauty of Easter which is our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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