Merry Christmas from Lilygrass!

We love Christmas at Lilygrass, as our customers probably know from the fact that we have a corner of our gift shop dedicated to Christmas decor all year long. It’s an extremely busy time of year for us, and it stays busy for an entire month compared to our other peak holidays (Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day) where most of the chaos is over in a week. And while it’s hectic and often exhausting, we still love this season and we love helping our customers celebrate the beauty of life with flowers and gifts.

Flower spotlight: holly

When it comes to Christmas flowers, holly leaves and holly berries are one of the classic and iconic choices.

The leaves and berries of holly get the most attention, as they’re featured on Christmas cards, used for décor, and included in floral arrangements. But the flowers are impressive as well when in full bloom.

When it comes to symbolism, the holly bush is tied closely to Christianity. The pointed leaves represent the crown of thorns, the green leaves represent eternal life, and the red berries stand for the blood of Christ. When fully opened, the holly flower is shaped like a cross.

Beautiful greenery options for floral bouquets

Nearly every bouquet of cut flowers needs some greenery to help fill it out and provide a solid base from which the colorful flowers can pop. And some budget-friendly bouquets are heavy on greenery with only a few flowers to add some colorful cheer.

Here are a few of the common greenery options used in cut flower bouquets:


Tips for holiday flowers

December is an incredibly busy month in the life of a florist. We’re arranging flowers for lots of holiday parties, selling poinsettias and Christmas gifts from our gift shop, and preparing arrangements for delivery throughout the holiday season. There’s a definite hustle and bustle to this time of year!

Flowers are a great option for spreading holiday cheer to parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and anyone else on your list. They’re also a great option to send as a thank you to the hostess after a holiday party.

If you’re thinking about gifting flowers this holiday season, keep these tips in mind.

Ask your florist for guidance

How much sunlight do indoor green and blooming plants need?

You’ve been gifted with a beautiful flowering plant or perhaps a gorgeous green plant, and you want the plant to last for years. Sunlight is a critical component for indoor plants.

Here are the basics you need to know regarding sunlight and your indoor plants.

Potted green plants


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