Fall flowers to adorn your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends and creating special moments that will be shared and cherished for a lifetime. Whether you’re hosting or trying to find the perfect hostess gift, make a statement with fresh flowers or green and blooming plants from Lilygrass.


Dried Botanical brooms are here!
Boss's Day 2022

Their Day is Coming Up

MONDAY -October 17 is Boss's Day. 

Celebrate the ones who do it all. Work-boss, friend-boss, mom-boss

-- they put in the work and make it look easy. Give them the recognition they deserve.

How to choose budget-friendly flowers

If you’re feeling the crunch from rising prices on many goods but still want to embrace the beauty and joy of flowers in your home or at an event, we have good news. While floral prices have gone up, as well as gas prices that impact delivery fees, there are some creative ways to save on flowers.

Bring your own vase-

Flower spotlight: special-order flowers

There are many flowers we keep in stock and ready to go nearly every day, but others require some advance notice to special order due to cost, availability, or longevity. Unique blooms like tie-dye roses, delicate blooms like peonies, and tropical flowers like birds of paradise all classify as flowers that need to be ordered in advance.


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