Tips for holiday flowers

December is an incredibly busy month in the life of a florist. We’re arranging flowers for lots of holiday parties, selling poinsettias and Christmas gifts from our gift shop, and preparing arrangements for delivery throughout the holiday season. There’s a definite hustle and bustle to this time of year!

Flowers are a great option for spreading holiday cheer to parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and anyone else on your list. They’re also a great option to send as a thank you to the hostess after a holiday party.

If you’re thinking about gifting flowers this holiday season, keep these tips in mind.

Ask your florist for guidance

How much sunlight do indoor green and blooming plants need?

You’ve been gifted with a beautiful flowering plant or perhaps a gorgeous green plant, and you want the plant to last for years. Sunlight is a critical component for indoor plants.

Here are the basics you need to know regarding sunlight and your indoor plants.

Potted green plants

Fun gift ideas for fall

Need a great gift for a fall birthday, volunteer appreciation, or "just because" gift for a friend? Here are a few great ideas for fall gifts!

Warm up with a cozy mug and some tea

As the days turn colder, a custom gift basket with a beautiful mug and an assortment of delicious teas makes a great gift. We can even add some fudge for an added touch of yum! We have a wide range of tea flavors available in our shop, plus many beautiful mugs.

Make a statement with a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Thanksgiving is almost here! It’s a wonderful time to gather with family and friends, enjoy some delicious food, and celebrate all that we’re thankful for.

While the food takes center stage at most Thanksgiving meals, your table decor can make a statement, too. Here are some things to consider for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Fresh or artificial flowers

Flower spotlight: alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, commonly called the Peruvian lily, is a beautiful small flower than can be used to add color and fullness to any bouquet.  There are more than 50 varieties of this beautiful flower that originated in South America. It’s sometimes called the parrot lily as well.

Each bloom is about two inches and resembles a miniature lily with a trumpet-like flower, but they grow from tuberous roots rather than bulbs like Asiatic or oriental lilies. When used in cut arrangements, these blooms can last up to two weeks. When planted in a garden, alstroemeria is a colorful, long-lasting perennial in the southern United States.


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