Flower spotlight: Peace lily Plant

Peace lily plants are a common "flowering" green plant chosen for sympathy occasions, including illness and funerals, and are also used frequently in the spring to signify new life. They’re long lasting and very easy to care for, and they offer simple but stunning beauty of delicate white blooms among deep green foliage.

Tips for Caring for Houseplants

When you want to send a gift that will last, a houseplant in a beautiful container or basket is a wonderful option. With proper care, a houseplant can last for years and continue to offer love, joy, or comfort to the recipient.

As with any plant, houseplants need water, sunshine, and a little pruning to thrive. If you’ve received a houseplant as a gift, follow these recommendations to keep it looking its best.

Unique vases and containers for cut fresh flowers

Flowers are beautiful in any form, whether arranged in a fabulous cut crystal vase, loosely placed in a mason jar, or even growing through a crack in the sidewalk. Get creative with your floral arrangements and use things like coffee mugs, pitchers, bowls, and baskets for a little extra fun and flair.

Planning flowers for your event

Fresh flowers add a wonderful touch to any event, whether a backyard party, a corporate celebration, or a nonprofit fundraiser. They bring a fresh, organic beauty to the event and help it feel warm and inviting. They show your attendees that you went the extra mile and really paid attention to detail.

Here are a few things Lilygrass suggests you keep in mind when deciding on flowers for your next event.

Flower Spotlight: Zinnia

Zinnias are a fascinating sunflower variety within the daisy family. Native to scrubby grasslands in Mexico, South America, and the southwestern United States, zinnias get their name from Johann Gottfried Zinn, who was a German Master Botanist.

These annual blooms are grown in either mounding shrub or upright stem form. The plants range in height from 4" to 40" tall, and the leaves are usually linear or ovate in shape. They can feature a single row of petals or a dome shape and come in white, yellow, red, orange, and purple.


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