Celebrate the new school year with gifts for all

Back to school means change for parents and children alike. Whether it’s their first day of kindergarten or first day of their senior year, these times of change can be challenging and maybe even a little scary. Sometimes a thoughtful gift can help ease the tension and offer encouragement for a great year ahead.

Wedding flowers: beyond the bouquets and boutonnieres

When most people think of flowers at weddings, their first thought is generally the bride’s bouquet. She’s the star of the day, of course! But there is so much more that goes into building a floral plan for a wedding. Here are a few floral pieces to consider when you’re planning your big day.

Pedestal flowers for the ceremony

Flowers and gifts for the Leo in your life

What could flowers and astrology possibly have in common?! Glad you asked! Just as there are flowers to go with each month and each anniversary year, there are flowers commonly associated with zodiac signs as well.

Leos are babies born between July 23 and August 22. They’re confident, strong, loving, and warm. At the same time, they love the spotlight and are generally creative, dominant, and known as the most extroverted of the zodiac signs.

Flower spotlight: Goldenrod (Yellow Solidago)

Yellow solidago, also known as goldenrod, is a perennial herb commonly found in North America, Mexico, and some parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. The flower consists of radiate blooms, which are tiny yellow florets that clump together at the top of the stem.

It primarily blooms in late summer and can grow over three feet tall. Their nectar attracts bees, flies, wasps, and butterflies and produces a spicy honey that can be fairly harsh both in smell and taste before it fully matures into a milder, more palatable flavor.

card messages

Flowers can be very comforting and serve as a beautiful reminder of a loved one during a time of loss. Sometimes there are no words and only hugs will do. Other times the right words at the right time can bring some comfort.

Here are some suggested messages for those difficult times when it’s hard to find the right words for the card when sending flowers.

Sympathy card messages for the loss of a loved one:



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