Flower spotlight: baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is a long-time staple in the floral industry. Its delicate white flowers can add fullness to a bouquet or create contrast for brightly colored flowers. The delicate stems and small flowers spread easily to fill any gaps in an arrangement, and they can help add some softness to bold, dramatic flowers.


Baby’s breath also adds an element of purity and innocence to any bouquet, and it’s especially common for wedding bouquets and new baby bouquets. Tiny sprigs also appear in boutonnieres and corsages for both weddings and formal events. 


A behind-the-scenes look at a florist on Valentine’s Day

Ever wondered how a flower shop prepares for the busiest day of the year? Here’s your chance to learn more about how we get ready to create bouquets and deliver flowers and gifts across the metro area.


The calm before the storm?


While Valentine’s Day is the busiest single day for our flower shop, the Christmas season is our busiest season. Once we wrap up a month of Christmas flowers and gifts, we’re closed for New Year’s Day, and then Valentine’s preparations begin on January 2. So really, there’s no calm before the storm!


Planning pre-made bouquets


Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s February, and that means it’s the season of love. While romantic love certainly takes center stage this month, Valentine’s Day can also be a day to celebrate the love of family and the love of friends. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for your spouse or a dear friend, here are a few gift options other than fresh flowers to consider.


Pocket trinkets, keychains, and other small tokens


Roses: the classic flower of love

Roses are one of the most iconic flowers available. From deep red to pale lilac to sunny yellow, there’s no shortage of colors available to express any emotion. They have been used throughout history to symbolize love, war, and politics.


Did you know that the rose is 35 million years old? That’s pretty old! In ancient Rome, roses were used for perfume, for medicinal purposes, and for confetti at celebrations. In the 15th century, roses were used as symbols of the two sides fighting for control in England. The white rose symbolized York, and the red rose symbolized Lancaster in a conflict that became known as the “War of the Roses.”


Six key questions to ask your wedding florist

The holidays are a popular time for engagements, which means many brides-to-be are now starting to think about all the little details involved in planning a wedding. Your wedding flowers can help add to the beauty and elegance of your wedding day, but it’s important to find the right florist for you.


Here are six questions to ask prospective florists for your wedding.


  1. Do you have a minimum for flowers, and can you work with my budget?



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