Extend the life of fresh flower bouquets

A fresh flower bouquet can bring a smile to your face and add some cheer to any room, and proper care can help extend the life of the bouquet. While cut flowers do have a much shorter lifespan than potted plants or flowers, there are some steps you can take to keep them looking great for as long as possible.

Avoid direct sun, drafts, or temperature changes

When choosing where to place your cut flower bouquet, choose a spot that’s protected from direct sun, drafts, or rapid temperature changes. Flowers do best if kept in a somewhat cool spot. Placing them in direct sun or near a heat source can cause the blooms to open and wilt faster.

Flower Spotlight: Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are a beautiful and stunning flower often used in wedding bouquets and romantic arrangements, but they’re not actually lilies or callas. So why exactly are they called calla lilies if they’re neither of those?

The flower was first catalogued in the 1700s, and the botanist made a mistake when naming the flower. A later botanist discovered the error and reclassified the flower into the proper genus and family, but the name was already well established, so the name stayed the same. The calla lily is in the same family as caladium and philodendron, and it’s sometimes also referred to as a pig lily, trumpet lily, or arum lily.

Advice for choosing wedding flowers

When it comes to wedding flowers, we’ve worked with a lot of couples with a wide range of preferences and budgets. We get asked a lot about floral trends for weddings, what the average wedding flower budget is, and so much more.

Here’s our basic advice for choosing wedding flowers.

Flower spotlight: Oriental stargazer lily

The stargazer lily is perhaps one of the most iconic cut flowers available. It is stunning by itself or when added to mixed floral bouquets and adds a wonderful fragrance as well.

Stargazer lilies are named for their upward-facing blooms. The original Stargazer lily has deep crimson and pink petals with white edges, which is what most people think of when talking about this oriental lily. However, Oriental lilies actually comes in other color palettes as well, for example white and solid pink.

A look at the history of Memorial Day

While Memorial Day for many people means the start of summer and a time to gather for food and fun, the purpose of the holiday is to honor those who have lost their lives in service to our country. From its beginning, the holiday has been closely tied to flowers as well.

The origins of Memorial Day in the United States dates back to ceremonies honoring those who died in the Civil War. In 1868, a leader of a veteran’s organization called for May 30 to be Decoration Day, a specific day set aside to leave flowers or other decorations at the graves of soldiers.


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