Caring for indoor potted plants

Okay, we have a confession to make. Lilygrass's owner, Alicia, likes plants of all kinds, but she kills plants a lot. She loves them too much (over-waters) then she says "oh no" and doesn't water them to let them dry out (under waters).  She can't find the happy water medium zone. So, she is ban from watering plants in the store.  Now, that is funny!

Flower spotlight: Sunflowers

When you want a bright, cheerful flower to make someone smile, you can’t go wrong with a sunflower. While they naturally bloom outside in summer, many varieties continue to bloom into fall as well. And their beautiful yellow petals and rich brown centers certainly make them a great addition to fall floral bouquets.

Sunflowers are phototropic, which means they grow toward the light. This quality plus their bright yellow color and round shape like the sun led to their name.  They’re part of the genus Helianthus, which comes from the Greek words helios meaning sun and anthos meaning flower.

Birthday flowers and gifts

Everybody loves getting presents on their birthday, right? We might be a little biased, but we think flowers are always a great birthday gift! Here are a few ideas to say happy birthday to the special people in your life.

Send flowers to their home or office

Having flowers delivered is a guaranteed way to make someone smile! If you know the recipient’s favorite flower or favorite color, we can help create a custom arrangement that’s sure to make their day. Or we can use a mix of bright and cheerful colors that work for any birthday. We offer same-day delivery in the OKC metro, too.

Add some fun with balloons

Tips for pressing flowers

People have been pressing flowers to save as keepsakes for centuries, usually because they were a gift from someone special or represent a particularly memorable time in their life. Those sentiments still hold true today, but crafters are breaking the traditional mold and using pressed flowers in everything from wind chimes to jewelry to coasters and so much more.

Flower spotlight: gladiolus

A member of the iris family, gladiolus is a perennial that originated in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Sometimes referred to as the sword lily, this unique flower grows straight and tall and doesn't branch out. Up to nine flowers appear on each stem with each individual flower contained within a sheath that makes them appear sword-like.

With about 300 different species worldwide, these beautiful flowers vary in color from pink, red, and purple to white and even brown and green.


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