How to choose budget-friendly flowers

How to choose budget-friendly flowers

If you’re feeling the crunch from rising prices on many goods but still want to embrace the beauty and joy of flowers in your home or at an event, we have good news. While floral prices have gone up, as well as gas prices that impact delivery fees, there are some creative ways to save on flowers.

Bring your own vase-
Already have a vase or other container? Drop it by so we can reuse it instead of charging you for another one. This is also a great way to use sentimental containers that hold special memories for you and the person you’re gifting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vase either, as long as it holds enough water to keep the flowers looking their best. We’ve used all sorts of different containers to create beautiful bouquets!

Ask about "Wrapped" from your florist-

Did you know we will sale you 1 flower stem?  There is no minimum amount or quantity. Give our floral designers a price range, and we can pull an assortment of flowers and greenery that look great together. We leave the stems long and simply bundle the flowers, which allows you to cut and arrange them on your own at home. Keep in mind that these flowers aren’t in water once they leave our shop, so you’ll want to head straight home and get them in a vase.  We do offer water vials for a additional charge.

Consider "common" flowers-

Flowers that are "common" will always be easier to get and, as a result, more cost effective. Daisies, carnations, alstromeria and roses are considered "common" flowers while flowers like orchids, dahlias, peonies and calla lilies are higher-end flowers. The best part about the "common" flowers is they typically look and smell fresher for a longer period of time.

Use tropical and specialty flowers strategically-

One of the quickest ways to increase cost is with tropical and other specialty flowers. They’re more difficult to source from local suppliers and often must be shipped in from other countries or even their native habitat. If you’re considering using tropical or specialty flowers in a bouquet, choose one or two striking blooms and then fill the rest with more budget-friendly flowers instead of using lots of specialty or tropical flowers.

Order direct from a local florist-
Placing your floral order directly with a local florist as opposed to an online third party will save you money and increase your satisfaction with your order. Third-party floral vendors are there to gather orders and send them out. They charge a premium for the convenience of their service, telling you that the fees are being charged by the florist, but not passing on the money when they send it to a local florist to create and deliver the arrangement. Skip the middleman and go straight to the source to save lots of money and talk with a professional floral designer to get exactly what you want.

There’s a lot we can do with budget-friendly blooms like carnations, alstroemeria, daisies, a few roses for accents, and some greenery. Talk to our designers about your budget and the look you’re going for, and we can discuss your options for a budget-friendly arrangement.