Flower spotlight: special-order flowers

Flower spotlight: special-order flowers

There are many flowers we keep in stock and ready to go nearly every day, but others require some advance notice to special order due to cost, availability, or longevity. Unique blooms like tie-dye roses, delicate blooms like peonies, and tropical flowers like birds of paradise all classify as flowers that need to be ordered in advance.

The floral industry, like many other industries, is still dealing with supply chain issues from COVID and as of writing this; hurricanes, which can impact how long it takes for specialty flowers to arrive. We recommend ordering a minimum of five days in advance or even earlier where possible. For big events or weddings, orders are often placed months in advance, which allows us to stay in touch with suppliers about availability and shipping time.

Let’s take a look at some popular special-order blooms.

Calla lilies-
This statuesque flower has clean lines and smooth, pointed foliage.  Standard Calla lily blooms come in only white but mini calla lilies blooms come in white, yellow, red, pink, orange, lavender, and even maroon. Their classic and timeless appearance make them a bridal favorite almost every season.

Orchids come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes that make them a versatile and striking floral gift or centerpiece option. There are 51 orchid varieties and each one is stunningly unique. While not all are available for floral orders, it may take some extra time for you to review the available options and make a decision. Some orchids smell sweet, while others do not smell pleasant at all, so keep that in mind if choosing a specific variety.

Peonies are a home décor favorite due to the internet, magazines and celebrities.  If you live in the area that they are grown, they can be huge! In Oklahoma, they are shipped in at a medium size head but are bold, beautiful, and look great with or without filler flowers. Variations of pink and white are the most common varieties. There are 33 different peony species to date. The petals differ between species, but they are all fluffy blooms that fill a vase perfectly.

Dahlias are another bold bloom, but their petals are more structured than peonies. The 42 dahlia species come in 15 recognized colors. These include white, yellow, orange, pink, magenta, red, maroon, lavender, purple, black, and several forms of variegated and bicolor stems.

If you need specialty flowers for an event or a bouquet for a special person in your life, get in touch with our floral designers in advance. We’ll check with our suppliers on availability and price and time the order to ensure fresh, beautiful flowers for your custom arrangement.