Fall flowers to adorn your Thanksgiving table

Fall flowers to adorn your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends and creating special moments that will be shared and cherished for a lifetime. Whether you’re hosting or trying to find the perfect hostess gift, make a statement with fresh flowers or green and blooming plants from Lilygrass.


Business events, family gatherings, Friendsgiving — these are just some of the possible fall invites making their way to your calendar. Perhaps you’re even planning a festive fall event of your own. When choosing the right blooms to help set the tone for those special moments, there are several different things to consider, like scents, colors, styles, containers, bloom sizes, variety, and more.

If you’re the hostess, be sure to find out if your guests have any allergies or smell sensitivities. Some blooms have stronger scents than others, while some have no discernable scent at all. Scents vary from sweet to spicy and earthy to musky. Whatever you choose will either add or detract from your event. If it’s a small gathering, a more delicate centerpiece featuring tapered candles would add a nice touch to any intimate group of family and friends.

When you’re attending as a guest, consider a table centerpiece for the host made with fresh flowers like yellow tipped orange standard roses, bronze button mum daisies, burgundy chrysanthemum daisies, bronze spider mums, yellow waxflower, and foliage featuring a pair of adorable pilgrim figurines in the center.

For an evening affair, burnt orange Asiatic lilies, bronze and yellow tipped chrysanthemum daisies, orange standard roses, yellow standard carnations, artificial berries, and foliage with a tall yellow taper candle centerpiece should help set the perfect mood.

If your host is a plant-lover who’s ready for long-term plant commitments, surprise them with a large pothos ivy in a beautiful planter that comes complete with some fun fall décor.

Lilygrass floral designers are ready and waiting to help you choose the perfect arrangement for your next fall event!