Flower spotlight: peonies

With April showers come peony flowers! Peonies bloom from April through June and are a long-time favorite of spring and early summer brides. Symbolizing prosperity, good luck, love, and honor, peonies are popular gifts of love and markers of prosperous beginnings that line chapel halls around the world.

Thoughtful gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Summer is on its way, and warmer weather usually brings busier schedules. Just be sure to pencil in some time to celebrate all those hard-working moms in your life! Need a few ideas? We have some!

If you happen to pass by a cottage on a lazy summer day, take a moment to stop and smell the flowers. One of the blooms you will probably smell is sweet pea. Their pretty pink petals are often found spilling out of baskets and milk cans or mounded in garden beds and window boxes. Sweet pea blooms are easy to grow and continue to bloom continuously throughout the spring season. They are the official birth month flower for April.

Fun and festive spring bouquets

With April showers come beautiful flowers… spring has arrived! One of our favorite things about spring is the surprise wildflower clusters that pop up along the side of the road and in those little cracks in the sidewalk. It is such a sweet surprise and the perfect illustration of something beautiful breaking through the barriers of past challenges, filling us with hope for a fresh new year full of possibilities.

Wedding flower myths debunked

Wedding flowers have to be white or ivory… Never use sunflowers… Carnations don’t go with weddings… Spring weddings shouldn’t use deep colors…



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