Floral design is an art form

Floral design is an art form

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make that perfect bouquet? Some might think it’s as simple as dropping a bunch of flowers in a vase. Others might be intimidated by the time and details involved in creating beautiful designs with flowers. Let’s talk about some of the elements involved in floral design as an art form.


Color is a major component in creating beautiful bouquets. Ask yourself these questions when you’re choosing blooms: What would you like the dominant color to be if any? What about the other colors? Do you want an arrangement that features a variety of similar colors or something wild and organic? What do you want your arrangement to say? Is it for an event and, if so, what type of event? Is it for someone specific? The answers to all of these questions can impact the colors chosen for a bouquet.


Flowers and colors each have certain meanings tied to them. It’s important to know the meaning behind flowers so your arrangement is not only beautiful but also meaningful in the right way. There’s nothing worse than making a grand romantic gesture with a beautiful bouquet that screams, “Let’s just be friends!” if that’s not what you intended. Be sure to do some background research on the meaning of the blooms and colors you’re using so you don’t accidentally send the wrong message.


Another factor in floral design is smell. Each person’s olfactory senses are unique to them, which means the aroma (or lack thereof) should play a major role in your floral design. Does the recipient have any allergies? If so, are they specific to certain flowers? What smells do they like or dislike? Is the bouquet intended for a specific occasion or event that will be attended by a large group of people? Since you likely won’t know about each person’s smell sensitivities when dealing with a large group, perhaps an arrangement with mild or no smell would work best.


Finally, you need to know what’s in season. Blooms that are in season will be much more accessible and affordable than ones that need to be shipped from afar. Having out-of-season blooms shipped in can not only be expensive, but there is also potential for issues in shipping, arrival times, freshness, and more. Working with in-season blooms typically means more availability and more budget-friendly flowers.

After considering all these factors, there’s still the knowledge and training involved in putting those flowers together in a beautiful arrangement that appeals to the senses of sight, smell, and touch. Knowing what height to trim each stem and how to support more delicate flowers also matters for the balance and longevity of an arrangement.

If you want to give floral design a try, we’re cheering you on! In fact, we host a monthly floral design class where we teach you some of the basics and guide you through creating your own custom arrangement. Grab a friend and join us for the next Make and Take class which is the last Thursday of each month!

For all other floral needs, Lilygrass has experienced floral designers who can turn what you envision into a reality, whether for a single arrangement, a corporate event, or a wedding. Call us or stop by the shop today to talk about your next floral order.