I am loving spring! The dogwoods and redbud trees are all abloom, the grass is green and it is a tolerable temperature with a lovely breeze. My favorite season is football season, but spring is a close second. Last week we talked about Easter lilies and their significance. Since spring is the season for bulb flowers, let's talk about the meaning of these beauties.


Friday was the first day of spring, and Easter is April 5. It seems this year has just flown by, and Oklahoma barely had a winter this year. We had some snow a few times, but we had more 70 degree days than snow days this season. That is bad news for pet owners, but great news for exterminators!

It is starting to look like spring! Daffodils are blooming and the grass is turning green. This weekend was incredible: mild temperatures, sunshine and a light breeze make me a happy lady. I hope you all got out to enjoy the weather.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Oklahoma! I hope you all got outside to enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures! Speaking of sunshine, it is March, so it is time to start planning your garden. I thought it would be fun to talk about edible flowers. Most of us have tasted a honeysuckle blossom (I hope) and know that squash blossoms taste good and look beautiful in a dish, but there are so many more edible flowers!  Fun fact: Using flowers in recipes dates back to the Romans and are often used in Chinese, Middle Eastern and Indian cultures. 

Today will be Part 2 of the blog about plants and flowers that are poisonous to our pets.  Did you know there are over 700 plants that are toxic to pets? Many plants have multiple names, so it is important that you check the different names to ensure your plants are safe.  Please note these blogs are not intended to be a comprehensive list.


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