Many people got engaged over the holidays, and with Valentine's Day in a few days, many more will get engaged. It's the perfect time to talk about wedding bouquets.

Did you know that wedding bouquets were originally made up of garlic and dill and other herbs? Flowers weren't used until modern times. I'm not sure how I'd feel walking down the aisle with a bouquet of garlic!

Ever wonder what is in the little packet that comes with your flowers?  It is a combination of sugar and bactericide.  The sugar provides nutrients for the flowers and the bactericide helps to prevent growth of bacteria.  Now that you have added that packet to your water, do you know what to do tomorrow?

I admit it. I haven't taken down my Christmas tree. Not only have I not taken it down, I still turn it on every day. My husband says I am need an intervention. But I can't help it! I love the lights and sparkle!! When I finally take it all down, my house will look so bare.  Also, we were supposed to have snow last week, which just didn't seem right without the tree. Of course, the weathermen were wrong, and we didn't have one single flake.

Winter is upon us! The frigid cold and take-your-breath-away wind here in Oklahoma makes me long for spring. It is only January, which means we have several months to go until warmer weather and lush, green landscapes. Until then, I'll have to make my home more spring-like with fresh flowers.

There are so many beautiful blooms from which to choose to brighten your home. One of my personal favorites is the beautiful and interesting ranunculus. These come in a variety of colors and easily make a beautiful, elegant centerpiece for your dining room table.

Lilygrass flowers and decor has always been know for their wreaths for all seasons.  We make custom wreaths for clients and always have a variety around the store.  

I was wondering how the wreath came about in the past and found great information online.  

Check it out!  


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