Resolved to remember important dates this year?

Resolved to remember important dates this year?

The act of making New Year’s resolutions dates back about 4,000 years to the ancient Babylonians. While their new year didn’t begin in January, they celebrated it with a 12-day feast and made promises to the gods related to returning borrowed objects and paying debts. Thus, the tradition of New Year’s resolutions began!


The ancient Romans had a similar practice with a calendar that began on January 1, where they made sacrifices to the gods and promises of good conduct for the coming year. 


Today, New Year’s resolutions still occur, although most are more focused on self-improvement and less religious in nature. And, of course, many of them fail. Research this year shows that about 41% of American usually make resolutions. Of those, about 9% reported they felt successful in achieving their resolution.


What exactly are people resolving to do? About 44% of resolutions are related to self-improvement or education. Another 32% are related to weight, while 42% are related to money or finances. The final category in this research is relationship-related resolutions, which accounts for about 23% of resolutions.


As a florist, there’s not much we can do to help you with weight-related resolutions, but we can potentially help with the relationships. If you struggle to remember important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, we offer a Save the Date service that can help remind you.


How does it work? You provide us a list of important dates you want to remember, whether that’s birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, the day you met, a work anniversary, or anything else. One week prior to that date, we’ll call and remind you that it’s coming up. There’s no obligation to purchase, although flowers are certainly a great way to show someone you care.


If one of your New Year’s resolutions this year is to remember important dates, sign up for our Save the Date service on our website.