As we near the end of April, I wanted to share something near and dear to my heart. I am sure many of you know April is National Autism Awareness month.

Welcome back, Oklahoma! I hope you enjoyed the milder temperatures and nourishing rain we had this past week. Is it just me, or is this year flying by?

Did you know it is Administrative Professionals Week?


While an entire week dedicated to honoring your professional staff is warranted, the official day of observance is Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

How about a little history lesson today? I do love history!

Storm season is officially here in Oklahoma. I love the rain's effects on the foliage, but I really don't love tornadoes. I hope each of you have a safe place or a storm shelter to get yourselves into should the need arise.


As I drive around Oklahoma City, I see everything blooming and beautiful.  One of my favorite plants is wisteria. Right now, the wisteria is blooming everywhere you turn and the scent is intoxicating! But I know wisteria are sneaky plants that can and will destroy your garden if given the chance, so today, we are going to talk about all things wisteria.

I am loving spring! The dogwoods and redbud trees are all abloom, the grass is green and it is a tolerable temperature with a lovely breeze. My favorite season is football season, but spring is a close second. Last week we talked about Easter lilies and their significance. Since spring is the season for bulb flowers, let's talk about the meaning of these beauties.


Friday was the first day of spring, and Easter is April 5. It seems this year has just flown by, and Oklahoma barely had a winter this year. We had some snow a few times, but we had more 70 degree days than snow days this season. That is bad news for pet owners, but great news for exterminators!


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