Top three reasons to buy from a local florist

Top three reasons to buy from a local florist

We know online shopping is convenient.  We sometimes do it, too. But as a local business, we’re also huge supporters of the Shop Local movement. It supports local businesses, but it can also result in a better customer experience for you.

Online ordering for flowers has gotten especially popular in recent years, but the results aren’t always what the customer expects. Here are our top three reasons to order flowers through a local florist.


Get personalized help selecting flowers

Local florists are extremely knowledgeable about types of flowers and cost, and they can help you create a beautiful bouquet that meets your needs. Want a specific color and type of flower but need to stay within a certain budget? Want an arrangement made in a vase you already own? Your local florist can help!

Yes, you could go online and click through a bunch of photos of arrangements and find something that will work, but a short conversation with your local florist can result in the perfect bouquet for the recipient. 


Know exactly what you’re getting

Did you know that some online florists deliver flowers in a box? That means the recipient has to arrange their own flowers, and they may not end up looking anything like the picture you saw when ordering.

Many online floral vendors utilize a network of local florists to create and deliver online orders. But the fine print generally says that some substitutions may occur, so once again, the arrangement delivered may not look quite like the one you ordered.

When you call or visit a local florist to purchase an arrangement, you can discuss your specific requests with them, and they can tell you whether those flowers are currently available or not. You have much more control over what the final arrangement looks like this way!  


Save money and keep dollars in your community

Online florists who use local shops to create and deliver arrangements obviously take a cut of the profits. What does that mean for you? Often it means that you could get the same (or better!) arrangement at a lower cost by calling your local shop directly to place the order.

A higher percentage of every dollar spent locally recirculates in the local economy compared to money spent through national chains. You might not see the direct benefit of that, but it makes a difference! Plus, the taxes paid on local purchases help support the infrastructure of your city.

Next time you’re tempting to hop online and click a few buttons to order flowers, find the number for a local florist instead. With a short phone call, you’ll quickly see the difference in value.

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