Six key questions to ask your wedding florist

Six key questions to ask your wedding florist

The holidays are a popular time for engagements, which means many brides-to-be are now starting to think about all the little details involved in planning a wedding. Your wedding flowers can help add to the beauty and elegance of your wedding day, but it’s important to find the right florist for you.


Here are six questions to ask prospective florists for your wedding.


  1. Do you have a minimum for flowers, and can you work with my budget?


Flowers can add up quickly. Before you meet with a florist, make a list of the number of attendants you plan to have, the number of boutonnieres and corsages needed for special guests, and what type and how many larger floral arrangements you’ll need.


If you have a maximum budget allocated for flowers, be sure to openly share that with your florist and discuss whether the types of flowers you want can be done within that budget. Many florists will have a minimum required purchase to book a wedding. We don’t have a minimum at Lilygrass, and we’re happy to work with brides who want to keep their floral budget small.


  1. Are my favorite flowers going to be in season for my wedding?


Whether or not your favorite flowers are in season impacts both availability and cost. Even if they’re still technically available, flowers that aren’t in season may cost more than flowers that are. Your florist can advise you on some good substitutions if your first choice of flowers won’t be in season on your wedding day.


  1. Have you done flowers for weddings at my selected venue before? Will you work directly with the venue on any details needed for setup?


This question only matters if you’re ordering centerpieces for your reception or display flowers for the wedding venue. If you only need bouquets and boutonnieres, the venue shouldn’t factor in at all. But, if you do want arrangements at the venue, but sure to ask this question, as it can save you a lot of time if the florist is familiar with the venue.


  1. Will you deliver and set up the flowers? Will you break down or pick up pillars or other accessories?


There’s a lot to do on your wedding day! Hair, makeup, getting dressed. For large floral orders, it’s important to know your florist’s delivery policy (and fee) and whether they will pick up any additional accessories or if you’ll need to return rented items after the wedding. For smaller floral orders, picking up directly from the florist can save you money, and it’s an easy task to delegate.


  1. How do you like to work with clients? How can I best share my ideas?


If you want significant input on your flowers throughout the process, it’s important to ask this question up front. Florists have widely different policies about the number of consultations, whether or not a sample bouquet is included in the package, and many other details. Be sure that the florist you’ve picked is one that will make you comfortable throughout the process.


  1. What is your refund/cancellation policy? When is payment due?


Nobody wants to think about canceling a wedding (or postponing it), but sometimes things happen. Be sure you know when payments are due and what the refund/cancellation policy is up front.

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