Good day, Lilygrass fans!

Today our blog discusses the topic of customer service. Now, before you roll your eyes or quit reading, this is not a rant. It is purely about why we, at Lilygrass, choose to exempt ourselves from online ordering. It all starts with a line from one of my brother’s favorite movies, Sweet Home Alabama:

Hello friends of Lilygrass!

We hope you are enjoying this weather cool down! It’s actually starting to feel like fall, now! Last weekend, in the last wave of the hot summer sun, we had the opportunity to embellish yet another stunning wedding, and it certainly was gorgeous! This theme was truly unique, and we had a blast working with this bride to help her vision come true.


Hello there, Lilygrass friends 

Today I’d like to touch on a more somber topic, because we here at Lilygrass have been flooded with this type of work lately, more so than usual. We’ve been busy decorating delicate pieces for funerals.


Good day, friends!

Lots of people don’t know this, but flower shops also can do big business things like corporate events! In fact, we just had a blast at a gala last week! We helped celebrate with a company that turned 100! WOW! What an accomplishment! We were honored to design some fantastic pieces to add the right touch of flourish and fun to their celebration.

Good day, Lilygrass fans!

We are in the thick of fall sports, and that means one thing: Homecoming! A popular way to show your support for your favorite Homecoming court candidate, player, or just all around fan is by donning an elaborate mum. Fortunately for you, we have the perfect, hand-crafted designs to meet any of your Homecoming needs!


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