We are here for the customer.  I believe that whole-heartedly.  The customer and recipient are living life and when they come to us for an order, they are including us for the occasion of that moment. 

Lilygrass flowers & décor started an idea about 2 years ago that has really defined who we are. 

We offer a "save the date" call service. I run a report for the past year’s birthdays and anniversaries. I call you a week before the date you have provided to remind you of the upcoming special day. No obligation to purchase- just a friendly reminder to help make your life less complicated.

Have you ever wondered why flowers are different prices at different locations around Oklahoma City? 

It is called grades.  Think of it like cars or diamonds, you have the low, medium and high end.  The same thing applies to flowers.  Grocery stores for example carry low grade flowers.  The quality of the flower is not the greatest and most of time they last 2 days.  Then there are the bulk stores and even some florist that carry the low or medium grade flowers and sell them for a lower cost. They might last you a week but most of the time 3-4 days. 

This past week into the beginning of this week, I had a fantastic time catching up with a dear florist friend of mine that moved from Oklahoma City to Raleigh, North Carolina in June.  She came back this past week for her last event as an Oklahoma City florist. (Tear) We have known each other for around 7 years and I look up to her for her many talents in the floral industry.

say hello, (woof, woof), to the flower shop greeters, Porter and Layla.  

They love company and  to meet all the customers that walk through the door.  Layla is always the first one to say hi when she hears the door open but Porter is more of my shy boy and makes sure Layla approves of the person first.  

Layla, i call her my little horse, is a Labrador/great Pyrenees and Porter, my world, is a sheltie.  Their favorite things in life are treats, bones, balls, and naps (definitely naps)

You always want to promise the bride everything she wants for her wedding and when the wholesaler informs you the week before the wedding that the 80 magnolias you ordered in are NOT coming, you get creative :)

Thanks to my staff and husband (missing golf), we made it happen!


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