Tired of winter? Add some color with flowers!

Tired of winter? Add some color with flowers!

Some people love winter, and some people don’t. Regardless of which camp you’re in, winter can get a little drab. The trees are bare, grass is brown, and flowers have long since disappeared from gardens. And sometimes the sky is just dreary, although the winter lovers may argue that impending snow is a thing of beauty.


Still, who doesn’t love some color in the midst of not much color outside? While there may not be many flowers growing outside in Oklahoma this time of year, we have a wide range of flowers to create beautiful arrangements year-round.


Here are a few great flowers to add some color this winter.



Roses come in so many colors! From bold red to sunny yellow to bright pink, roses are a classic choice to add some color to any space. For those who prefer their colors a little less bold, there’s no shortage of softer hues in pink, purple, salmon, white, and cream.



Lilies are another classic and stunning option for color. While stargazer lilies might be one of the most iconic, there are many pink, purple, yellow, orange, and crimson options as well. Plus, this category also includes calla lilies that can add some striking color accents and alstroemeria, or Peruvian lilies, which are a much smaller lily that can create a very full, colorful bouquet.


Gerbera Daisies

When it comes to brightly colored flowers, gerbera daisies must be on the list! Bright colors include red, orange, yellow, bright pink, dark raspberry pink, and maroon. As with many other flowers, pastel shades are also an option, including pale pink, peach, soft yellows, and light purple. They make a stunning grouping on their own or mixed in with other flowers.



Carnations are another beautiful but simple option to add some cheer to long winter days. The range of colors is almost endless and even includes variegated options for white carnations with colorful tips. And, you can even do a fun science experiment with carnations to show young students how water moves through the veins of a plant.


Ready to brighten someone’s winter day with some colorful flowers? Give us a call to place an order!


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