Caring for non-flowering plants and succulents

Caring for non-flowering plants and succulents

Non-flowering plants like ivy and succulents are must-haves in the world of decor. If you’re looking to add a little life to your home or office, try cultivating a few indoor plants. Parlor palm, pothos ivy, peperomia, and pilea — all are a great choice for someone starting their indoor plant adventure!

Pothos may sound like the missing member of the Three Musketeers, but it’s actually a genus of common, non-flowering plants. They’re often seen in office buildings due to their hardy nature and ability to thrive both under bright office lights and in low-light areas. Plus, there are more than 55 different varieties!

Money trees remove toxins from the air and are great for beginners. They like medium to bright indirect light and can grow up to five feet tall in the right conditions. They only need water every week or two and are safe for humans and furry friends alike!

Another great choice for beginners is a variety of calathea plants. They remove toxins from the air, love a humid climate, and grow well in low to bright indirect light. They’re pet friendly and only need water every one to two weeks.

For the more seasoned indoor plant lovers, we suggest succulents. Some varieties can be a bit trickier to take care of, but if you treat them well, most of them will reward you with beautiful blooms!

One of the easiest indoor succulents to keep alive is gasteraloe. It’s a slow grower that thrives in low light and can survive even the most forgetful plant parent. Panda plants are thick and fuzzy and can tolerate a broad range of light and water conditions. Blue pickle vines, golden ball cactus, and graptoveria are also great succulent choices.

Certain plants are hardy enough to grow in almost any container, and you can also decorate your chosen container with fun accessories. Get creative!

With a wide range of pots and plenty of green plants available, Lilygrass is ready to help you on your houseplant journey. Give us a call or stop by to browse and feel free to ask for ideas or tips.

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