Flower spotlight: eucalyptus

Flower spotlight: eucalyptus

When you hear the word eucalyptus, it may make you think about cold and flu remedies or creams that treat muscle aches, but it’s also greenery that graces bridal bouquets and event flower arrangements alongside peonies, hydrangeas, orchids, and other beautiful blooms. It is so versatile that you see it in everyday designs as well. Pinterest is bombarded with it daily. It’s hardy, pairs well with almost anything, dries well, and is relatively inexpensive.

Native to Australia, there are nearly 1,000 different varieties of eucalyptus trees worldwide. Each Australian territory and state is represented by its own species. About three quarters of Australia’s forests are composed of eucalyptus because the tree adapts to fire. Wildfires are a common occurrence in Australia, but because eucalyptus seeds can survive flame, these adaptive evergreens resprout quickly after the smoke clears.

Spiral eucalyptus also referred to as "baby blue", features tiny blue-grey leaves on tall linear stems that average 25 to 30 inches. With the variety being the most fragrant relaxing aroma, hardiness, and short off-season, spiral eucalyptus is popular with brides and florists throughout the year. It works particularly well for garden-themed weddings because of its fresh look and ability to pair perfectly with classic blooms like hydrangeas and garden roses. It is also used daily for a eucalyptus shower experience. People hang a couple a stems in their shower and the steam of the shower will trigger a release of essential oils from the plant, which in turn will make your shower smell wonderful. Baby blue eucalyptus is one of the most used varieties in the floral world. This highly scented variety is covered in a waxy white powder that enables it to outlast other types. These evergreens also grow into trees up to 30 feet in height and, when given the chance, will produce clusters of creamy white blooms.

Seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, gunni eucalyptus and willow eucalyptus also have bluish-grey leaves. The seeded, silver dollar and willow eucalyptus are similar in texture but the shape of the leaves are what make them different. Gunni eucalyptus looks like a shrunken version of the baby blue. All of them look great with almost any bloom, so don’t hesitate to use them in arrangements year ‘round!


Let us know if you have any special requests for the type of eucalyptus in your next floral order! Our Lilygrass floral designers are here to help.

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