Hello again, friends!

I hope this time of year is treating you well! It sure is treating Lilygrass well because we did four weddings over the weekend! It was crazy and it was wonderful! We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of matrimony!

One of those weddings took place at a gorgeous rustic venue downtown in the old Farmer’s Market. It’s got that old world peeling paint, high uncovered ceilings, and plenty of room. The tall windows allow for immense amounts of natural light. The atmosphere whisks you away to a gentler time and place, and our floral arrangements certainly helped!

Hello again, friends of Lilygrass!

Prepare yourselves: PUMPKIN EVERYTHING IS COMING! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE this time of year - football, fall leaves, crisp weather, hay rides, and hot cider. I can’t wait for all of the colors, the scents, the tastes, and the DECORATIONS! What a marvelous time!

And you are in luck! We already have some of our fall displays out and ready to go! Some popular ways to design your autumn house this year include mantles, centerpieces, room focal points, and the front door. And fortunate for floral shops, the popular décor for fall is always geared toward those beautiful natural elements.

Hello, Lilygrass fans!

Wow! Is it August already? We hope you had a fulfilling and whimsical few months, and we wish you well as your sweet little ones head back to the classroom. In honor of the dwindling summer days, we’d like to take a moment and dedicate this blog post to those fearless adult souls who accept our children back into the classroom soon – the teachers.

Hello, fans of Lilygrass!

Even though it’s blisteringly hot outside, this time of year is a favorite amongst flower shop owners – wedding season! Recently we had a wonderful opportunity to design some magnificent bouquets for the Jacobo wedding. It was marvelous!

Hello, Lily friends!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful last week of July! It’s crazy that summer is almost over, but who’s not ready for some high-top boots and pumpkin everything? I mean, come on. Fall is the best! But with the winding down of summer, unfortunately, also comes a lull in the world of floral design. So, to spice things up a bit, we enlisted the help of a fellow Brixton Square Shopping Center business – Signs Now, and they sure did a GREAT job! We’ve gone from “blah” to “Ta da!” in just about an hour and the windows look fantastic! Here are a few reasons why we decided to go with some roll on window treatments:


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