Things to consider when choosing special event flowers

Things to consider when choosing special event flowers

Picking out the floral arrangements for a special event may seem like an easy job, but it can actually come with a lot of pressure. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you pick the perfect flowers for any event.

What’s the purpose of the event?

While most events with floral centerpieces are celebratory, there’s a wide range of options for the purpose of an event: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, nonprofit fundraisers, and much more. Is there a specific flower type that’s special or specific to the event or person? If so, try to incorporate it, even if it’s only as an accent. This will show that you put time and effort into your choice and will incorporate something extra special into any occasion.

What’s the event theme or color?

The theme of the event can help inspire the floral arrangements, so be sure to share the theme and any materials you have, like a logo or event invitation, with your florist. If there’s a specific color scheme for the event, you’ll want to correctly match the shades and tie in some of the event colors while making sure the colors don’t clash.

Think about height of arrangements

If table arrangements are required, be sure to choose shorter arrangements. If the main flower bouquets consist of long-stemmed flowers, choose complementary short-stemmed arrangements to use as table centerpieces. If the table arrangements are too high, this will limit guests’ ability to converse and mingle with one another and may make them feel trapped or closed off.

Consider flowers with little or no fragrance

Finally, don’t forget to think about people with allergies or how the fragrance of a flower could impact your event. Some flowers put off a soft and pleasing scent, while others can be pungent and overbearing in certain situations. Because they will be grouped together, scents will be magnified, so be sure to choose a flower with little or no fragrance and try to limit or exclude flowers with heavy pollen that might be allergy inducing. No one wants a poorly timed sneeze to ruin the punch line in Uncle Rico’s big speech.


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