Thoughtful anniversary flowers and gifts

Thoughtful anniversary flowers and gifts

Flowers are a great way to mark a special occasion like an anniversary, as is a carefully chosen gift. Whether you’re sending anniversary wishes to your spouse or to friends or family members, try these tips for saying happy anniversary.

Get sentimental with your flower choice

There are several ways to be sentimental with your flower choice. You could choose the traditional flower by anniversary year, either as a simple bouquet of that one flower type or in a mixed bouquet. Here are the traditional flowers for key anniversary years:

  • 1st – Carnation
  • 5th – Daisy
  • 10th – Daffodil
  • 15th – Rose
  • 20th – Aster  
  • 25th – Iris
  • 30th – Lily
  • 40th – Gladiolus
  • 50th – Yellow Roses and Violets

Another option is to choose anniversary flowers similar to those the couple chose for their wedding flowers. If you have photos from the wedding, bring a copy to your florist and ask them to create something with a similar feel in your price range.

Try something unexpected

Sometimes it’s fun to break the mold a little bit, right? While flowers are a classic choice for an anniversary, you could go a different direction and send a candy bouquet or a movie-themed gift basket with candy, soda, and chips for a date night in.

And while husbands are typically the ones sending anniversary flowers, there are plenty of options for a wife to send to her husband, too. A potted plant, balloon bouquet, or custom gift basket all make great options for anniversaries.

Send the right message

Sometimes people put a lot of thought into the type of flowers or the specifics of a gift basket to send, but they might not think about the card until they’re actually placing the order. We highly recommend spending some time writing out your message before you call us to order!

If you want to include a note in your own handwriting, be sure to allow time to drop by our shop and place your order in person with a handwritten note.

Give us a call at (405) 721-1813 or stop by our shop today, and we can help you customize the perfect anniversary flower or gift arrangement.  

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