Three tips for giving flowers as a hostess gift

Three tips for giving flowers as a hostess gift

When you’re invited to a dinner or a party, it’s often customary to bring a host or hostess gift of some kind. We might be a little biased, but we think flowers make a great hostess gift. Of course, there are a few things to consider when bringing flowers for your host or hostess.


Don’t create extra work for your hostess


When it comes to hostess flowers, stick with an arrangement already in a vase or a potted plant with easy care instructions. While it may be tempting to grab a hand-tied bouquet wrapped in pretty ribbon, that means your hostess must stop what she’s doing to get those flowers in a vase with water. By taking an arrangement already in a vase, you allow your host to accept the gift and continue with hosting the party.


Do consider their existing décor


If you’ve been to your host’s home before, you may know something of their existing décor and colors. Where possible, choose an arrangement that complements their existing décor and a vase that they can use again for either fresh or silk flowers. If you’ve never been to the host’s home before, stick with a classic bouquet of somewhat neutral colors or choose something seasonally appropriate but still simple. A hostess gift is probably not the place for a bright pink, orange, and yellow bouquet unless you know that it matches their décor. 


Don’t choose heavily fragrant flowers


When taking a gift of flowers to a dinner party, you don’t want to detract from the carefully prepared meal. Thus, it’s a good idea to avoid heavily fragrant flowers such as lilies, lavender, and some varieties of roses. When you call ahead to your local florist to order the bouquet for pickup, be sure they know it’s a hostess gift so they can help you choose less fragrant flowers for the arrangement.


Whether or not to bring flowers as a hostess gift is pretty heavily debated in the etiquette world, but these three tips help ensure that your gift of flowers doesn’t inconvenience your host. And if you’d rather take a small gift as a token of your appreciation, we have plenty of options in our gift shop.

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