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Jim Lee
I grew up in the floral industry and worked in that industry for 30 years of my adult life. So to say I'm picky is an understatement. Alicia Rankin, owner of Lily Grass Florist, does beautiful work. She has now handled several floral orders for me. The product was fresh and long lasting and her service was impeccable. She and her staff took my order, sent me an email copy to proof and sent me another notification the minute my flowers were delivered. I think you'll find she creates lasting, loving and caring memories for you. She can handle any floral need from the birth of a baby, flowers to say you're special and I love you, flowers for your "I do's" as well as paying your final respects with flowers at funerals.
Brack Mosshart
Lilygrass has always been the best place to buy flowers! My wife always loves the bouquets. Lilygrass is affordable and professional! You can't go wrong with them!
Brandon Thompson
Alicia and her staff have always made beautiful bouquets for me. The flowers stay beautiful for weeks and always bring a smile to my wife's face. I can't think of a better place than Lily Grass.
Debbie Priebe
Beautiful store, arrangements and service.
Mark McEvers
What an Amazing concept Alicia that you have created! Guys, she will program in her computer all of your Birthdays, Anniversary and important dates and send out flowers so that you don't forget! Way to go LilyGrass!!!
Anje Vela
I love the store & the people! Always a happy & cheery welcoming. Fun, unique gift ideas. The flowers/plant delivery is great too. I enjoy spending money here. :) The flower arrangements are always fresh & last a long time. I have gotten flowers elsewhere in the past & they don't seem fresh & only last a day or so. Definitely getting your monies worth buying flowers & plants at Lilygrass!
Sue Vanderwater
i had Lilygrass come to my home and arrange all my Christmas decor, including my tree. They did a wonderful job! I could not have accomplished this myself this year, so I am so grateful. Think I'll do it again next year!
Jeannie Benson
Alicia and her staff with the help of my husband suprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for our anniversary. They also did the flowers for my husbands mothers funeral. They were beautiful. Thanks so much.
Glenda Billingsley
Love everything you do! Unique and always beautiful. I love shopping at this store and I also love it when my husband shops there for me!!!
Ann Thomas
No matter how big or small your order, Lilygrass gets it right!! We needed something small and compact for a rehab room with no place to set flowers, but they made the perfect arrangement and it looked beautiful for 3 weeks!! Thanks for brightening up Mom's room!! This has been our florist since the 80's with the original and newest owner. Won't be going anywhere else!! Well done!