Small Tin Artisan Teas

Artisan Teas- small Tins

Variety is the spice of life!  And variety is just what you’ll get with the Small Tin Artisan Teas.  The seasonally inspired custom-blends offer a diverse range of flavors to suit your every mood.  From the tart tones offered by Citrus Delight and Sour Apple Martini to the complex and spiced notes in Home for the Holidays and Let’s Get Cozy, and the fruit flavors of Mango Tango and Afternoon Escape the Small Tin Artisan Assortment is ideal for expanding your tea horizons and indulging in new and unique tea flavors.

Small Tin Artisan Includes:

Home for the Holiday, 30g

Black tea, clove, cinnamon, star anise, jasmine petals, candy pieces

Mango Tango, 40g

Apple, rosehip, lemon pieces, hibiscus petals, calendula petals, mango pieces

Citrus Delight, 40g

Apple, rosehip, orange pieces, hibiscus petals

Sour Apple Martini, 30g

Green tea, apple, lemon pieces, safflower, sunflower petals

Let’s Get Cozy, 30g

Black tea, cinnamon, orange, lemon balm, lime leaves , star anise, cardamom

Afternoon Escape, 40g

Black tea, papaya pieces, blackberry, lime leaves, safflower petals

All of our teas are Gluten Free/No GMOs.  Blended and packed in Canada.