Wedding floral trends for 2019

Wedding floral trends for 2019

Summertime means weddings, weddings, and more weddings! We love helping brides and grooms create what they are envisioning for their special day. Here are a few trends we’re seeing for 2019 wedding flowers this summer and into fall.


Forest flair

The forest is taking over weddings in 2019! Organic colors are reigning supreme this wedding season with dried herbs, succulents, and even fungi! This theme includes colors like sunflower, muted teal, green, blush, deep red, almond, maroon, gray, and gold metallic. Add some organic elements to your bridal walkway with rustic metal and concrete accents, and maybe even throw in a few succulent arrangements in large, shallow planters to complete these theme.

Soft but warm

For brides that want a softer look for their wedding, you can feature rich, warm tones like browns and pale greys that will compliment the bride’s dress beautifully. Roses, daisies, and astilbes, along with foliage like eucalyptus work really well within this trend, offering the right color lines and textures to complete the look.

Bold and edgy

For a bolder look, choose colors in the realm of berry, bordeaux, rust, and burnt orange. You can incorporate these colors into a structured, sculptural type arrangement that really packs an aesthetic punch. Tropical flowers work best with this theme because of their vivid colors and unique petals.

Modern and bright

Want to go modern, bright, and refined with your floral look? Mix traditional and modern through rich pinks and navies accented in neutral tones like soft peach, muted tan, gray, and dark chocolate. Flower choices might include proteas, lilies, cornflowers, boronia, tulips, roses, peonies, orchids, and even cattails for some added texture.

No matter your trend choice this season, Lilygrass Flowers and Decor is ready to help you design the wedding flowers you’ve always envisioned. Call us today at 405-721-1813 to schedule a consultation.

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