Valentine’s Gifts for Singles, Kids, and Frugal Friends

Valentine’s Gifts for Singles, Kids, and Frugal Friends

We know that not everyone is a fan of this mushy gushy romantic holiday. Many single people detest it because they see it as a holiday for everyone but them. Others believe it’s a trap set by card and candy companies to make more money. Here at Lilygrass, we believe it’s a celebration of love in all forms that should be enjoyed by everyone. If you want to send some Valentine’s Day love to your single friends, kids, or those frugal friends and family, we have some ideas for you.

For Singles

Single friends can be celebrated and loved on Valentine’s Day too! In fact, remembering them on this particular day will probably be even more special than that box of chocolates you send to your significant other every year. We like to think everyone loves flowers (we might be a little biased here), so be sure to think long and hard about the kind of gift that will make your single friends feel special.

You could send a cheerful bouquet of flowers or a flowering plant a few days before Valentine’s Day to show you’re thinking of them. If flowers aren’t their thing, consider putting together a basket of goodies filled with their favorite hobby items. Personalized gift baskets filled with their favorite coffee, tea, candy, or fruit would also brighten their day!

For Kids

Remember the days spent in elementary school decorating shoe boxes so classmates could drop in little Valentine’s cards with candy taped to the back? Help your kiddos enjoy that same tradition today (either at home or at school) by spending some quality time helping them decorate a valentine’s “mailbox” of their own! Then try crafting cute little cards for them to pass out. Don’t forget to attach the candy! 

If you’re looking for a special gift to commemorate the day, we have plenty of plush animals, balloons, pocket trinkets, and other gift items in our shop.

For Frugal Friends and Family

For the loved ones that aren’t big fans of the holiday because of the expense, show them it’s about more than just expensive gifts with something simple to mark the occasion. Consider gifting them a single bloom (even better if you know their favorite flower!) attached to a handmade card or something for their home or garden that will last for years and bring a smile to their face.

Whoever you’re thinking about this valentine’s day, remember that what makes a gift special isn’t the amount of money spent on it, but the time, effort, and thought put into it. Show someone you love today just what they mean to you with a sweet and thoughtful gift straight from your heart.

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