Unique vases and containers for cut fresh flowers

Unique vases and containers for cut fresh flowers

Flowers are beautiful in any form, whether arranged in a fabulous cut crystal vase, loosely placed in a mason jar, or even growing through a crack in the sidewalk. Get creative with your floral arrangements and use things like coffee mugs, pitchers, bowls, and baskets for a little extra fun and flair.

Start with thinking about the size, shape, and color for the space you have in mind. If you need a compact, smaller arrangement, try putting a few pixie carnations or a handful of dainty white daisies in a colorful coffee mug to brighten up any small space. Or cut the stems on hydrangeas and place them in a shallow bowl to dress up your kitchen counter. - side note: (hydrangeas require constant source of water)

If you’re looking for something a little taller to place your blooms in, desktop pencil holders can hold longer stems. Because they’re generally slimmer, it won’t take many stems to make it look full and would dress up an office space or teacher’s desk quite nicely. For outdoor festivities, place individual sunflowers in glass soda bottles and place them strategically around your event area. Pretty colored drinking glasses or even plastic cups would also do the trick with a big handful of wildflowers.

Baskets and pitchers work wonderfully as well. You can use floral foam in the bottom of the basket for a fuller arrangement or even simply place a bushel of long-stemmed flowers on their sides in the basket for an elegant look. Drinking pitchers will add a cute and bohemian flair to a kitchen table with some soft pink lilies and mixed foliage, for example.

Stop by or give us a call at Lilygrass flowers and decor, and we’ll be happy to help you fill any container with the perfect blooms for your home or outdoor summer festivities with family and friends!

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