Tips for sending get-well flowers

Tips for sending get-well flowers

Flowers are a wonderful way to lift a friend or family member’s spirits when they are sick, whether that means a rough case of the flu or a hospital stay due to surgery or other illness. But it’s also important to keep the following tips in mind when sending flowers to someone who has been ill.


Call the hospital first before sending


Some hospitals have restrictions about fresh flowers in certain areas, such as intensive care. You also want to be sure the delivery instructions for your florist are clear. A quick phone call to the hospital’s main number can confirm if flowers will be allowed and if you need to share any special delivery notes with your florist. 


Avoid strongly scented flowers


Some flowers are extremely fragrant, including lilies, lilacs, and hyacinths. For get-well flowers, it’s best to stick with flowers that have a lighter scent or no scent at all. Roses, daisies, sunflowers, carnations, and irises are all great options for beautiful flowers with very little scent. This tip applies for both hospital and home deliveries, as someone recovering from an illness may be more sensitive to smells.


Send bright colors for extra cheer


There are plenty of bright colors to choose from in the floral world, including sunflowers, gerbera daisies, roses, and many more. If you know the recipient’s favorite color, build an arrangement around that. If you don’t, go for bright and cheerful. You can even add some colorful balloons to the delivery.


Choose long-lasting flowers


While a professional florist will select, trim, and arrange any flowers to look their best for several days, some flowers simply last longer than others. Also consider how frequently water will need to be changed or added to the vase. Floral arrangements in foam will typically require less watering than those in a vase. You want your gift of flowers to be enjoyable for many days without a lot of effort, so talk to your florist about the best options.


Think about the size and the container


If sending to a hospital, there may not be much room for large floral arrangements, so consider sending a smaller arrangement. A wicker or plastic container may be a better option than glass, just in case people coming and going from the room accidentally bump the arrangement. Broken glass can make quite a mess!


With a few considerations up front, you can quickly brighten someone’s day with a floral delivery when they’re ill. If you need to send flowers to a local hospital or someone’s home, give us a call at (405) 721-1813. We’re here to help!

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