Tips for pressing flowers

Tips for pressing flowers

People have been pressing flowers to save as keepsakes for centuries, usually because they were a gift from someone special or represent a particularly memorable time in their life. Those sentiments still hold true today, but crafters are breaking the traditional mold and using pressed flowers in everything from wind chimes to jewelry to coasters and so much more.

Let’s start with how to actually press a flower. If the flowers are not significant and you’re just looking for ones that would look best once dried, try to pick flowers without spots, tears, or holes in the petals. If you’re using specific flowers from an occasion because they hold special meaning to you, then they’re perfect just the way they are. It’s the memory that’s important, so go ahead and proceed to the next step.

Once you have the flowers you’re going to press, find a large, heavy book. A phone book works well here, if you still have one around somewhere, because you don’t have to worry about damaging the pages while pressing your flowers. Be sure to place parchment paper on either side of your flowers before pressing them between the pages so the ink from the pages doesn't affect the petals. You can also stack another heavy object on top of the phone book to add some weight. 

Let it sit for seven to ten days. Then, voila! You now have beautifully preserved flowers that will maintain their color for five to seven years.

We love to see all of the beautiful ways our customers have saved and used the flowers they’ve received from our locally owned shop. It’s so special to see how those precious moments are being preserved and passed down. Even something as fragile and delicate as a flower can be saved and cherished for many years.

Next time you come see us, let us know how you preserved your special memories with flowers!

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