Tips for holiday flowers

Tips for holiday flowers

December is an incredibly busy month in the life of a florist. We’re arranging flowers for lots of holiday parties, selling poinsettias and Christmas gifts from our gift shop, and preparing arrangements for delivery throughout the holiday season. There’s a definite hustle and bustle to this time of year!

Flowers are a great option for spreading holiday cheer to parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and anyone else on your list. They’re also a great option to send as a thank you to the hostess after a holiday party.

If you’re thinking about gifting flowers this holiday season, keep these tips in mind.

Ask your florist for guidance

Not sure what to send? Your florist is a professional who arranges flowers every day, so lean on them for help! Tell them your budget (including delivery fee) and any preferences you might have, and let them recommend an option. You can also browse pictures in our Christmas section for inspiration. Arrangements can be modified to fit your budget, or we can create something completely custom for you.

Mix it up

While poinsettias are a classic Christmas flower, there are plenty of options for a red and green bouquet with roses, carnations, lilies, holly, ferns, pinecones, and so much more. Or, mix it up even more by sending an all-white floral arrangement with gold or silver accents to celebrate the beauty of winter.

Be aware of allergies and pets

There are many people who are sensitive to evergreen Christmas trees who might also be sensitive to evergreen stems used in cut flower arrangements. If you’re not sure if the recipient has any allergies, ask your florist about options for both greenery and flowers that are light on fragrance. Some plants can be harmful to pets, too, so be cautious of your plant choice when sending to a home with pets.

Plan ahead

The closer it gets to the Christmas holiday, the busier we are. If you have a custom request for your bouquet or a large floral order, be sure to call us a couple days ahead to ensure we can get the necessary flowers and deliver your order on the date requested.

Ready to place an order for holiday flowers? Give us a call at 405-721-1813.

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