Tips to help cut flowers last longer

Tips to help cut flowers last longer

Getting flowers from a loved one on a special occasion — like an anniversary, graduation, birthday, or holiday — is always a beautiful thing that brings smiles to many faces. But have you ever felt a little sad when that beautiful bouquet starts to show signs of wilting? We want to hold on to fresh flowers as long as possible, so we research the internet and compiled a list of things to try at home.

How can you make those sentimental blooms stay fresh just a little bit longer? There are quite a few home hacks you might have never expected.

-The main thing to remember; change out the water daily! That helps tremendously with bacteria building up on the stems.

-Save that soda! Mix 1/4 cup of soda into the water of your floral vase or container. Sugar will actually help blossoms last longer! If your container is translucent, and you don’t care for the water and soda mix look, simply use a clear soda like 7UP.

-Still, have a little hairspray leftover from your ’80s big hair days or the last wedding you were in? Spray the undersides of the petals and leaves with hairspray (any brand will do) from about a foot away. This will help give the petals a bit more support and stave off obvious wilting for just a while longer.

-Apple cider vinegar isn’t just a slightly stinky vinegar used in cooking or for various health benefits, it can also keep those blooms fresh. Just pop two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into the water. Don’t forget to change it every few days to keep them fresh longer.

-If you still have some vodka stashed in the cupboard from your last holiday party, here’s a good one. One teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of any clear spirit in your flower’s water will keep them looking fresh and feeling fine. The alcohol minimizes the ability of bacteria to grow, which is one of the main reasons that blooms start to wilt. 

-If you’re not quite sure about the vodka or don’t have any available, you can always toss in a crushed-up aspirin instead. Aspirin will also kill off bacteria and increase the carbohydrate content in the water.

You can work with your Lilygrass floral designer to select the longest-lasting blooms for your next bouquet while also extending the life of your flowers with these do-it-yourself tips. If you give some of these recommendations a try, let us know which one you like best!


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