Tips for Caring for Houseplants

Tips for Caring for Houseplants

When you want to send a gift that will last, a houseplant in a beautiful container or basket is a wonderful option. With proper care, a houseplant can last for years and continue to offer love, joy, or comfort to the recipient.

As with any plant, houseplants need water, sunshine, and a little pruning to thrive. If you’ve received a houseplant as a gift, follow these recommendations to keep it looking its best.


Different plants need different amounts of water, but one of the most common mistakes people make is over-watering their houseplants. While the top of the soil may look dry, there’s often plenty of moisture below the surface, and your plant’s roots might even be sitting in water, which they don’t like.

First, be sure the pot you’re using has plenty of drainage. If you want to use a decorative ceramic pot that doesn’t have holes, put rocks in the bottom or put the plant in a small plastic container with drainage holes and then place it in the decorative pot. Then, check the soil before you water. A general rule of thumb is to stick a finger about one inch deep in the soil to check moisture before watering.


All plants need sunlight to survive, but different plants like different kinds of sun. Typically plants with variegated leaves like more sun than plants with solid green leaves. Some plants prefer direct sunlight, while others like indirect sun. A quick online search for your specific plant can tell you more about its requirements for sun and help you choose the best spot in the house for it.


Keep an eye on your houseplants and watch for any leaves turning brown or yellow, which could signify an issue with watering or sunlight. Gently pull any brown or yellow leaves from the plant so it can spend its energy on new growth rather than trying to revive dying pieces of the plant. Some houseplants may need pruning to help shape the plant or keep it from getting too leggy, where it grows tall but loses lower foliage.

With a little attention to water, sunlight, and pruning, your green houseplants can thrive for years to come!

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