Send well wishes with a fruit or gift basket

Send well wishes with a fruit or gift basket

There are lots of great options beyond flowers when you want to send well wishes. Sure, we love flowers, but sometimes you’re sending to someone with allergies or you just want something a little different. Here are a few alternate gift options to consider for delivery or pickup.


Fruit baskets


Want to support a friend’s healthy resolutions? Send a beautiful fruit basket! We can customize the fruit based on preference and season, as well as the type and color of basket, ribbons, and even balloons to add some extra flair.


Candy bouquets and baskets


Chocoholic? Twinkies fan? We can customize a basket full of edible treats for you, although we may need a little extra notice to source some custom items for your basket. We can also mix flowers with edible treats, like in one of our Twinkies bouquets. Give us a call with a list of the recipient’s favorite candy, chips, cookies, or soda, and we’ll put together a basket that’s sure to delight.


Tea or coffee baskets


We can pair one of the fun mugs or travel thermoses in our shop with tea or coffee to share some warmth and cheer. Whether you’re sending get-well wishes or just saying you’re thinking of someone, a tea or coffee gift basket is a great choice.


Combination flower and gift baskets


Whether you want to pair a small floral arrangement with a teddy bear or a green houseplant with an assortment of candy, we can help. We have a wide range of basket, ribbon, and balloon options to customize your gift.


Gift baskets are a great option to cheer someone up, congratulate them on a new baby, or simply say you’re thinking of them. What you envision, we make a reality, so let us know how we can help customize a gift basket for you.

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