Plant Spotlight: Bromeliad

Plant Spotlight: Bromeliad

Have you ever considered throwing a pineapple top into your floral centerpiece? Chances are you haven’t, but maybe you should?

Bromeliads are a beautiful plant from the same family as the pineapple. They’re stunningly unique and add a slight edginess to potted arrangements. Native to the tropics, subtropics, and West Africa, this bloom commonly showcases tightly overlapped green leaves with long, pointed ends (like the leafy top of its pineapple cousin).

Unlike the sunny yellow fruit, however, many bromeliads have brightly colored centers that are similar to their surrounding leaves in length and shape but feature pinks, yellows, oranges, and other striking tropical colors.

Because it’s become one of the most common blooming plants to send to friends and family in recent years, you’ve probably seen bromeliads at weddings, funerals, corporate events, and even on delivery day at the office when Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries roll around.

This pretty tropical bloom can adjust to a variety of climates, which makes it a good choice for both inside and outside events. The foliage comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from needle-thin to flat and wide, soft or sharp. Their leaves usually grow in a rosette style with colors ranging from green to gold and even maroon or purple.

With a pleasing scent similar to that of clove spice, bromeliads not only sweeten the air, but they are also excellent air purifiers and can thrive in office environments under fluorescent lighting. Because it’s also non-toxic to common house pets like dogs and cats, they’re safe for all members of your household. They don’t need a lot of sunshine, so they can be kept in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other household spaces that may have limited lighting.

These low-maintenance, versatile blooms look stunning when potted in ceramic, glass, and most other common containers you can find around your house. Add them as centerpieces or textured accents to a large pot or let them stand on their own. This tropical plant is a perfect gift for a friend or family member and will be sure to add some fun and versatility in and around their household or office space.


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