Planning flowers for your event

Planning flowers for your event

Fresh flowers add a wonderful touch to any event, whether a backyard party, a corporate celebration, or a nonprofit fundraiser. They bring a fresh, organic beauty to the event and help it feel warm and inviting. They show your attendees that you went the extra mile and really paid attention to detail.

Here are a few things Lilygrass suggests you keep in mind when deciding on flowers for your next event.

Know how many tables you will have? The size, shape, and number of tables is a great place to start when determining the number and size of arrangements. The theme of the event, location, and number of guests will also play a huge factor. For larger spaces, consider taller arrangements to fill the space so that it doesn’t feel empty. A healthy balance between full and empty is where you want to try and aim for.

When choosing arrangements for centerpieces, thinking about if you are wanting tall, short, or a mix of the two. Be sure to keep attendee viewpoints of the stage or focal area in mind. Taller arrangements can be strategically placed around entrance and exit areas and in other areas surrounding the tables, but shorter arrangements are best for the tables themselves so the attendees can see other guests and the entertainment. Taller arrangements are also great for hiding certain areas or equipment that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes they’re even used to block off entrances or areas where guests shouldn’t go.  If taller arrangements are what you are envisioning, began by looking into tall vases so, the arrangement is above eye level.

Choosing the right flowers for your budget is important. To stay within budget, be sure and meet with a Lilygrass designer to discuss what affordable accent flowers can be used to supplement any larger, more expensive focal flowers. Choosing flowers that are in their growing season or even excluding exotic flowers can also keep your budget in check while still creating the look and feel with fresh flowers.

The designers at Lilygrass are here to help you create the perfect look for your special event, so contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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