Pick the perfect flowers or gift for mom


Mothers are pretty special, so our celebration of them should be too. If you’re not sure where to start in choosing a gift, try writing down her favorite things… colors, collectibles, favorite moments or memories, or things that make her smile.

Has she been talking about a certain item she’d love to have for months? Or perhaps something pretty to decorate the house with? Maybe she’s more practical or simply wants time with the ones she loves. No matter what she has (or hasn’t) been hinting about, there are many ways to make her day extra special.


If the mother you’re celebrating is easy to buy for and already dropped hints (or even made you a list!) of what she wants, you’re ahead of the game. Don’t stop at just passing a shopping bag with her requested gifts over to her on her special day though. Make an event of it! She doesn’t have to know that you got her something from her list, so make sure it’s beautifully wrapped. Present it with a bouquet of her favorite flowers or, if you’re not sure what her favorite flower is, blooms in her favorite colors would do nicely as well. Arrange them in a place where she’s sure to see them and watch her face light up with delight and surprise.

If you’re not sure what to buy her, consider something sentimental. A simple fresh bouquet of white daisies and bright yellow sunflowers in a cute vase, basket, or even oversized mug is a great option. Perhaps she has a sweet tooth and would enjoy a candy basket or a twinkies bouquet. For the more health-conscious moms, a fruit basket or even a selection of beauty and pampering products.

No matter what you choose for the special women in your life, make sure it’s thoughtful and from the heart and they’ll absolutely love it because it came from you. Be sure to order your Lilygrass Flowers and Decor custom arrangements early so they can arrive this Mother’s Day week.

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