Odd October Holidays

Hello fall! And hello fans! October is one of our favorite months here at the shop for many reasons – the fall flowers, the cool weather, football!, and, of course, Halloween! We hope we can catch you for our pumpkin arrangement Make-and-Take class that happens on September 29th


Even if you can’t make it for the class, here are some other ways to stay fresh this fall:

October – Fair Trade Month

“Fair Trade” is a phrase we’ve heard often enough, but maybe we aren’t exactly sure what it means. According to the World Fair Trade Organization, “Fair Trade” is a short way of saying “a trading partnership, based on dialog, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.” Anything with a WFTO stamp on it means that the item you’re purchasing has been created in a fair way with good conditions and proper compensation. Oftentimes, items that are labeled as Fair Trade come from developing countries, where conditions for work are not favorable. By buying consciously, you’re helping the world create better lives for people. Lilygrass is fortunate enough to be part of the solution. We offer beautiful hand-made ever-growing line of jewelry and accessories that feature recycled Kantha textiles from WorldFinds artisan groups in Asia. Join us on our journey to make a difference in the world with ethical fashion. Our sustainable designs empower women artisans in the developing world to rise above poverty. Their amazing stories inspire us every day. With every product you purchase, you’re helping to create lasting change.  Come check out our "World Finds" in the store and find the perfect gift that brightens a day for more than one person.


October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Unfortunately, cancer is a scary thing that most all of us have come into contact with at some point in our lives. We have loved. Many of us have lost. Some of us are still fighting the battle. Wherever you are with this tragic illness, Lilygrass flowers and decor stands with you. We would be honored to help you remember loved ones who have passed on with a “Remembrance Arrangement” this month. We will fill a gift basket to the brim with your special lady’s favorite treats, and we will deliver it with joy in our hearts. We will help you design the perfect bouquet for that wonderful woman who has been brave and strong and has overcome her battle with breast cancer. Let us cry, smile, laugh, and remember with you in the month of October. Mention this blog post, and tell us a little about your experience with breast cancer, and we will give you 15% off your order for this month.


October 2 – Custodial Worker Day

Talk about unsung heroes! I cannot think of a more deserving profession than this for a day of appreciation! If you work in any public building, then it is likely cleaned by a custodian. It might shock you to know that many people don’t even know their own custodian’s name. Take a moment to recognize the hard work and thankless glory that goes into being a custodial worker on October 2nd. Have us deliver a nice potted plant or leave a little note at the very least! We all need to feel appreciated and loved, so spread a little joy this month to someone whose efforts might often go unnoticed.


October 3 – Boyfriends Day

Usually the floral industry seems to focus on the female counterparts of relationships, but not on October 3rd! This day is all about the boyfriends! You’ve got a hunk who needs to feel adored? Stop on by, and we’ll help you craft the perfect arrangement, junk food basket or gift basket for the lucky fellow! Guys can get flowers, too!


October 4 – Improve Your Office Day

Sometimes the same old scenery can wear you out. Spice things up a bit with a gorgeous design from our Lilygrass experts! We would love to liven up the entryway or your desk area with a dazzling fall array of blooms! Tell us what the colors of your company are, and we can create custom bouquets for all of your secretaries or office workers with any budget We’ve already mentioned how green and bloom plants can make hospital patients heal faster, so I have no doubt it can help people in an office be happier and more productive.


October 5 – World Teachers Day

Yes, yes. We know teachers get an entire week in May, but we all know they deserve it! October 5th is just long enough into the school year to need a small boost of morale for many teachers. The honeymoon phase is over, and the kids really start to show their true colors at this point. If you know of a teacher who is already counting down the days until Christmas break, why not surprise them with a nice item from our gift shop? We deliver!


October 6 – Physician Assistant Day

Are they doctors? Are they nurses? What’s the difference between all of these medical professionals? Physicians Assistants are talented and educated individuals who can do basically everything a doctor can do, except perform surgeries. They also work in a team setting under the guidance and direction of a doctor, but they have gone through most of the same training and are highly qualified to treat you. Show these people some adoration this month by sending a nice bouquet of fresh flowers to their office! We all need doctors and physicians in order to live the best life possible, so let’s make their lives a little nicer, too.


October 10 – Native American Day

This day commemorates the crimes against Native Americans. It is our duty as Americans to be aware of these atrocities and their historical significance. I know sending an arrangement to make up for the terrible things that happened in our history is a far cry from justice, but just the acknowledgement helps us direct ourselves on the right path. Maybe make a donation along with a nice bouquet to your nearest tribe’s headquarters? Perhaps you are Native American yourself, and you know of a chief you’d like to honor on this day. Spread the love and share the pride with all of the important Native Americans in your life! They deserve much more than just one day!


October 12 – Emergency Nurses Day

These people have got to act quickly under pressure! They certainly operate well under a high level of stress, so send them some of our "For Tea's sake" calming teas or a nice, comfy blanket in one of our gift baskets. We can help you stock up on their favorite quick eats, so they can snack in between emergencies. We hope we never need them, but we’re glad they’re there if we do!


October 12 – Old Farmers Day

Farmers… we probably don’t think of this profession very often, with the way technology has advanced over the past few years, but there still are hard-working individuals out there who deserve respect! They have been tilling the land and the soil for years and years, giving us the nutritious food we need to fuel our bodies. Although some may think the practice is “dying out,” send an old farmer you know a little thank you on October 12. Even an old, tough farmer could stand to smile once in a while.


October 15 – World Students’ Day

This day celebrates the many cultures from around the world who come to the US to advance their knowledge. What an exciting and terrifying thing to do! If you know of any hard-working students, shed a little light on those mid-term exams for them with a surprise “Care Package” gift basket or a bouquet of their favorite fresh flowers.


October 17 – Boss’ Day

This is a big one, everybody! Your boss runs a company, organization, or office, so I bet they know when Boss’ Day is. You don’t want to be the only one who didn’t get the boss something! Let Lilygrass help you out! Call us today, and we can make sure to get your boss a nice treat or an amazing display of flowers on this very important day!  We can deliver or you can pick it up from us.


October 23 – Mother-in-Law Day

Here’s another biggie! Maybe you fit the all-too-common stereotype, and you and your spouse’s mom don’t exactly hang out on the weekends together alone. That’s okay! Surprise that woman with a dozen yellow roses (symbolizing friendship) or a artificial fall wreath for her front door! Lilygrass would love for you to come in and talk over some options. Make this day a special day for a special woman. She did give you your spouse, after all. The least you could do is give her a little something back!


October 25 – International Artists’ Day

Although the term “art” does usually include musicians, writers, singers, performers, etc., this day is all about the visual arts! Painters, photographers, sculptors, and illustrators unite! Graphic designers, come on out, too! We’ve got a day to celebrate and thank you for being you! Check out the website. Without art, we would lose the essence of humans and cultures. Art shows us what’s important to an era and offers political insight. The true value of art is invaluable, because it gives a unique gift to everyone who sees it. Give a little gift back to these “starving artists” on this day. Take some time to appreciate their talents and abilities. They may even inspire you to follow your dreams, who knows?


October 27 – Navy Day

No, this is not a day to wear navy colored clothing. (Although, you can!) This day is to honor the men and women who have valiantly served our country in the US Navy. Seek out those around you who have sacrificed and let them know how grateful you are. Lilygrass always supports our soldiers, present and past, so let us know this is for a member of the Navy, and we’ll knock off 15% of your order. Thank you for your service.


October 31 – Halloween

We couldn’t forget the holiday that defines this month – Halloween! We love the festivities and costumes on this ghoulish day! If you need a Halloween themed wreath, we can do it for you! If you need a flower crown as the final touch for your fairy costume, we can do that, too! Maybe you prefer to be a little more frightening, so you need a real bouquet for your “dead bride” costume. We can certainly do that! We can even stuff it full of big, black spiders and other spooky stems. Call us today or stop on by to see what we’ve got to make this holiday the best yet!

Wow! October is certainly a busy month! Celebrate a brave woman who’s been dealt a hard hand. Honor your boyfriend or your mother-in-law! Remember those custodians who make it possible to do your own job efficiently and safely. Don’t forget to let a member of the Navy know how grateful you are for their service. Lilygrass would be overjoyed to help you spread happiness in the month of October. See you soon, fans! Thanks for reading!

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