October Birth Flower

Hello fans!

October is coming in fast! We can’t wait for those festive fall colors! Speaking of

those seasonal hues, let’s talk about that gorgeous coloring of the October birth

flower – the marigold!

The marigold is a unique bloom rich in both color and history.

Many years ago, the Aztecs used these flowers in ceremonies that honored their

deceased. That tradition carried on throughout the generations, and now marigolds

are used during the All Saints Day and All Souls Day traditional celebrations. The

flowers have a very unique scent, and it’s said that deceased ancestors can “follow”

that scent back to the realm of the living. Since these flowers have been sprinkled

over gravesites for centuries, it’s no wonder that they bloom in abundance

throughout graveyards in Mexico during the late summer and fall season. The

variation in color from pale yellow to burgundy maroon is simply stunning and

perfect for the season.

Some accounts say that marigolds also played a crucial part in The Feast of the

Annunciation of Mary. Early Christians used the flowers to honor the Virgin Mary

and the night the angel Gabriel visited her to tell her she was pregnant with Jesus

Christ. This is perhaps where they got their name, as a variation of “Mary’s gold,”

which comments on their purpose and their healthy golden color.

During the 14th century, people thought marigolds could prevent the Plague. Some

other interesting uses for the flower include the ability to halt gossip or to

encourage positive conversation. So order your marigold centerpiece for your next

dinner party! :) 

Marigolds have been used medicinal, fed to chickens, and can even be tossed onto

your own salad every now and then! The plant carries large amounts of lutein,

which is very important for the development of human eyes. What a versatile


These flowers have proven their worth, and they are also easy to cultivate! Plant

these seeds almost anywhere, and step back to watch them thrive.

Your October birthday loved one is sure to be impressed with your knowledge and

thoughtfulness when a bouquet of these striking flowers show up on their doorstep

on their special day!

Call Lilygrass today, and we can make sure your October baby

knows they’re loved! Thank you, fans! See you soon!

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