Obscure July Holidays

Hello again, Lilygrass fans! We hope you’re doing well on this fine day and enjoying this sweet, sweet summertime! We just had a lovely time celebrating one of our favorite holidays – the Fourth of July! The month of July boasts of one of our nation’s more important holidays, of course, but it also holds plenty of other holidays that you might not be familiar with. You might be one of the only ones who do celebrate these holidays, but isn’t it nice to shower someone you love with appreciation? Make their day on any day! Grab your calendars, ladies and gents, because you won’t want to forget these important dates!


                                                                       July 18 – Get Out of the Doghouse Day 

This day is designed to give people a break. We know it’s hard to keep up with all the birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and dance recitals. We know that sometimes we let a little comment slip that we should’ve held onto tighter. We’ve been late. We’ve messed up. It may seem like the road back to forgiveness and peace is a long one, but take heart! Get Out of the Doghouse Day is here to help you get back to where you belong! Let Lilygrass help you reclaim your dignity with a lovely bouquet and a sweet note. How about a nice gift basket filled with your loved one’s favorite treats? Maybe you accidentally disappointed a young soul. We’ve got the perfect stuffed animals and wooden key chains in the shop to show them that you know you messed up, but you want to make it right! Call us today or come on in, and we will do our best to get you out of that doghouse!


                                                                     July 21 – Junk Food Day  

This has to be one of our favorite days of the year, right here! What a great idea! There is now an entire day dedicated to eating things we love that might be a tad bit bad for our health. But on this day we don’t have to feel bad about it! (Too bad calories still count… We’re working on that one.) Call us today and surprise someone with a fun gift basket filled to the brim with nothing but junk food! Think of the happiness and joy that can be spread across the world on this day!


                                                               July 23 – Gorgeous Grandma Day  

No, I did not add that adjective in there myself. It’s actually called “Gorgeous Grandma Day”, and I think that’s fantastic! Who doesn’t think their grandma is just a gorgeous lady? Those sweet, sweet women need more than just one day for all of us to remind them how special they are! If you’re lucky enough to still have a wonderful matriarch around, then let Lilygrass help you love on her! Just think of how her heart will flutter when you surprise her with some beautiful flowers! Take a picture and share it with us! We would LOVE to see your happy grandma!


           July 24 – Cousins Day and Parents’ Day     

How interesting that this day is shared between two different groups in your family. I guess parents are used to that sort of thing, though! Most of us don’t have the luxury of living close to these two groups once we “grow up,” but thank goodness for the US Postal Service! The cool thing about obscure holidays like these is that no one expects anything! That means that whatever you get them will exceed their expectations! This is great news for you, because you get to spread joy and love with a simple card or Facebook post! (Bonus points if you can include and embarrassing old photo!) Lilygrass can help you choose the right surprises for your parents and your cousins.


                   July 26 – Aunt and Uncle Day     

Not to be outdone by their own children, those aunts and uncles out there need a special day to be honored, too! Send a nice gift basket filled with some golf balls and tees for Uncle Dan. Maybe Aunt Robin likes to collect birds? We’ve got something for everyone at Lilygrass. Stop on in soon, and we can work together to create the perfect gift to make your aunts and uncles feel loved and appreciated.


                                      July 29 – System Administrator Appreciation Day  

It’s awesome to have days like these, because it brings awareness to things most people probably don’t even know about, like System Administrators. These hard workers make sure all the computers and technical things in their offices are working properly. They help to maintain the security of the information being shared on their systems and are the IT gurus who answer all of your pesky questions. (“Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?”) Send these folks some much-needed love and appreciation on this day! They deserve it!


                                                        July 30 – Father-in-Law Day  

What a guy! If someone doesn’t deserve a day all his own like this man, then I don’t know who does. I know my own father-in-law is probably one of the most under appreciated members of our family. He’s the quiet, dark horse type. He suffers patiently and silently while the rest of us dance circles around him and spins ourselves into a frenzy. The calm and collected cool cucumber of the group certainly requires a nod now and then. Surprise him on this day with a simple phone call or by making him his favorite dish for dinner. He might not show you how much it means to him, but you can know in your heart that you’ve done a great deed for a great man!


                                                July 31 – World Ranger Day     

If any of you know a spectacular park ranger out there in the world, show them some love on this day! Where would we be without the preservation of our nation’s natural beauty and resources? These troopers walk thousands of miles a year, pick up litter, educate people, and do everything in their power to keep America’s wilderness safe from ugly condominiums and graffiti. (Lots of them even carry guns and act as officers of the law – but in the wild!) They deserve a lot more than just one day of appreciation! Thank you for maintaining our breathtaking parks! Our nation wouldn’t be nearly as grand without them!

Wow! What a month! Surely there’s at least one odd holiday in there that Lilygrass flowers and decor can help you celebrate! Spread joy and love through this world, and let us help you do it! Thanks for reading, fans! See you soon!

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