New Year, New Plant?

Bromeliad Bloom

New Year’s Day was traditionally a time for gift-giving in order to make a positive start to the new year. Although gift-giving is not the main priority of the new year anymore, there is still an emphasis on making a positive start (like those New Year’s resolutions that only last a few weeks…)

The New Year’s plant tradition is growing fast as many see plants as a living symbol of good tidings and fresh beginnings. But it can’t be just any plant… 

Check out the best plants to gift your family and friends this New Year, how to take care of them and why!

  1. Bromeliad - These beautifully colored plants are part of the same family as the pineapple plant, which is considered a lucky fruit and can symbolize good fortune. Give your bromeliad bright indirect light but stay away from direct sunlight as that will burn the leaves. Water only when the top two inches of the soil is dry, and don’t overwater as that will cause root rot. 
  2. Anthurium - Anthuriums often sport the color red, a symbol for good fortune and prosperity throughout the year. Having these beautiful plants around makes it a favorite in the home during this holiday. The anthurium plant also helps keep the air in your home clean by filtering chemicals from the air. Now that’s good fortune! Anthuriums are native to tropical areas and generally grow on the forest floor. They love indirect bright sunlight. Avoid direct sun because that will cause the leaves to get scorched. After thoroughly watering your Anthurium, allow the top two inches of soil to dry out before re-watering.
  3. Money Plant - This one might be self-explanatory! Money plants are a favorite for the New Year because its round and coin-like leaves symbolize prosperity. Money plants like to be watered thoroughly and then left until the soil is dry before watering again. The plant will need bright indirect light and particularly enjoys the morning sunshine. 
  4. Lucky Bamboo - A definite must-have for a New Year’s celebration. Interestingly, the lucky bamboo plant isn’t actually part of the bamboo family, it’s actually a dracaena. Its green stalks have a bamboo-like appearance, and as the name suggests, the plant symbolizes good luck throughout the year. 
  5. Peace Lily - According to NASA, the peace lily is capable of healing and cleansing your home. They are known to be one of the most efficient houseplants that purify the air in your home, as well removing chemicals like ammonia. Peace lilies are actually tropical plants and they love bright-indirect sunlight. You’ll want to keep the soil moist, but not overflowing. They love humidity, so try misting their leaves daily. 
  6. Jade Plant - Jade plants are gorgeous succulents with emerald green leaves. The green leaves symbolize wealth, luck, and good fortune throughout the year. When given as a gift, the jade plant’s luck increases even more. Jade plants are easy to care for, and love full sunlight (at least four hours a day). Water your jade plant when the top inch of soil is dry and never let your plant sit in standing water.

Some of the plants on this list are not always kept in our storefront, however, we can special order any of these New Year’s plants for you. Give us a call at 405-721-1813 to inquire or visit us in-store at our convenient metro location off Northwest Expressway and Rockwell Avenue to see all of the amazing plants, flowers, and gifts we have in store!