Native Traditions Banquet

Good day, Lilygrass fans! Today’s blog captures an incredible event - the Native Traditions Banquet hosted at the Riverwind Casino! This event always pleases, and this year was no different! We pulled out all the stops and delivered a truly spectacular array of displays and designs! We know you’ll love it!

The prep work for this large celebration starts weeks in advance! Our brilliant minds explore design ideas and figure out logistics for hours and hours before we even start putting anything together. It is so fun to be in an environment that fosters our creativity like this! We thoroughly enjoy this designing and creating stage of any piece we put together. For this inspiring group of people we decided upon an earthy theme to pay homage to their rich and important heritage.


After we get designs nailed down on page, we can actually start assembling. This time we used a secret tool to help us complete this look – pool noodles! Can you believe it?!?! I just think that is so neat to be able to use unusual items in new and inventive ways. We have the best minds here at Lilygrass! So, back to the pool noodles… We gathered them during the prep weeks. Then, we cut them into smaller pieces and formed them into the circular designs you see here. (We decided to go with the circle shape, because it represents the earth.) After that, they were wrapped in leaves to create a wreath-like visual effect. On top we placed the rustic White Larkspur. Couple that with some brilliant Magnolia leaves and cypress balls, and you’ve got yourself one mesmerizing and unique design that reflects the natural beauty of this luscious planet we live on! Fabulous!


Those fantastic pool noodle “wreaths” weren’t the only things we designed for this party. Not even close! We also arranged forty centerpieces! That’s right, four-zero. Plus two arrangements of a dozen white roses each and six more plants for the stage itself. This place was full of our finest Lilygrass designs, and it was breath-taking! The other arrangements, like our awesome pool noodle idea, also utilized a common, household item – water bottles! We sure put our brains to good use on this one! We wrapped bear grass (that we previously wired together and then curled into these seemingly untamed shapes) around water bottles and added in the gerbera daisies. It all reflects that wild and untamed nature of the earth before it was marred by our tall skyscrapers and highway systems.


Finally, we designed the TEN FOOT TALL stage pieces! These beauties took a while to construct, that’s for sure, but it was all more than worth it in the end! They truly are a work of art, and we could not be more pleased with how they turned out. As you can see, we incorporated the use of the pool noodle “wreaths” as well as the flowers we used throughout the table centerpieces, although in a slightly different motif. The vertical representation of the lines needed to be modeled in a different way. The lines lead the eye upward, where we captured the eye with a firework sort of display with foliage. We wanted to mimic the grand beauty of those tall, strong trees that protect us, give us shelter, and enable us to breathe clean, fresh, air. The lighting in the room was perfect, and the way everything was arranged complemented our natural theme very nicely. Guests almost felt like they were actually at an outdoor gathering place! It was remarkable.


Overall, we had a great time working on the Native Traditions Banquet for the past few weeks. We are so honored that they use Lilygrass for their most important celebration year after year. We are looking forward to working with them again next year! Who knows where our creativity will take us then?!? Thanks for reading, fans!

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