Merry Christmas from Lilygrass!

Merry Christmas from Lilygrass!

We love Christmas at Lilygrass, as our customers probably know from the fact that we have a corner of our gift shop dedicated to Christmas decor all year long. It’s an extremely busy time of year for us, and it stays busy for an entire month compared to our other peak holidays (Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day) where most of the chaos is over in a week. And while it’s hectic and often exhausting, we still love this season and we love helping our customers celebrate the beauty of life with flowers and gifts.

As we wind down the Christmas season and prepare to celebrate the day off with our families tomorrow, we want to say thank you and Merry Christmas from Lilygrass! We love being part of this community, and we look forward to continuing to serve you for the final days of 2018 and into 2019.

Merry Christmas!

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