Make a statement with a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Make a statement with a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Thanksgiving is almost here! It’s a wonderful time to gather with family and friends, enjoy some delicious food, and celebrate all that we’re thankful for.

While the food takes center stage at most Thanksgiving meals, your table decor can make a statement, too. Here are some things to consider for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Fresh or artificial flowers

Debating between fresh or artificial flowers for your Thanksgiving centerpiece? Either option works! Fresh flowers add that extra touch of beauty, whether in a vase, in a cornucopia with floral foam, or in a hollowed-out pumpkin. Artificial flowers, on the other hand, can be used year after year as part of your seasonal decor.

Arrangement height

If you’ll be using a floral centerpiece on your dining table, be sure to think about the height of the arrangement. You don’t want your beautiful arrangement to interfere with your guest’s conversation or the ability to pass food down the table if serving family style. If you’re serving from a buffet table, consider using some taller arrangements on that table where it won’t interfere with conversation.

Flower choice

There are so many options for creating a fall floral arrangement! Think about striking orange lilies, gorgeous yellow sunflowers, and beautiful bronze mums. As with any special occasion arrangement, be sure to consider how fragrant your flowers will be if they’ll be placed on the dining table. Overly fragrant flowers could distract from the delicious flavors of your Thanksgiving feast.

Overall balance

Think about the overall size of your serving or dining table and how it will balance with your centerpiece. For a longer table, you might want to consider a few smaller arrangements placed along the table instead of one large arrangement in the center. Or perhaps choose one larger arrangement for the center and two smaller arrangements on either side. Just like the food you put on your plate, you want some balance in your decor!

Ready to order a custom Thanksgiving centerpiece? Give us a call today to discuss your ideas.

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