Make a statement this prom season

Make a statement this prom season

Prom season means it’s time for wristlet corsages and boutonnieres for high school sweethearts or groups of friends on a special night.

Match the corsage style to the dress

If you’re ordering a wristlet corsage for your date, be sure to ask about what color the dress is so you can choose flowers that go well. Is she wearing silver or gold jewelry?

Continue the theme with the boutonniere

Boutonnieres have come a long way from the traditional simple flower of yesteryear. There’s a wide variety of options to choose from that can add that final touch to the gentleman’s suit or tux.

In most cases, you want the boutonniere to coordinate with the wristlet corsage, which is hopefully coordinated with the dress. In many cases, the young man’s cummerbund or tie will coordinate with the dress as well, so having both a wristlet corsage and boutonniere that coordinate help tie everything together for a polished look.

Add some flair

besides the bracelet being anything from a plain elastic band, sequence, beads, or rhinestones; crystals, gems, beads, ribbons, and whimsical accent pieces can be added to wristlet corsages and boutonnieres to make them extra special. If the prom has a theme with specific colors, those can be included as accents. When the night has ended, the floral wristlet corsage or boutonniere flowers can be dried or the bracelet and accents alone can be saved as a keepsake from a special evening.

Make a great impression

To really impress your date, consider supplementing the wristlet corsage or boutonniere with a small gift idea from our gift shop. From pocket tokens and trinkets to carved wood keepsake boxes, we have many gift items that help create a lasting memory of the event. You can also take a small hand-tied floral bouquet to your date’s mother as an added touch.

There are so many options to show that special person or great friend how much thought and time was put into making prom a truly memorable evening. Ready to place your order for prom flowers? Stop by to see the prom display or Call us today at 405-721-1813.

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