How to Pick the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

Life gives us lots of reasons to celebrate - a graduation, anniversary, holidays, and birthday are just a few. Flowers have always been a part of these celebrations. It is because flowers are appreciated for their purity, freshness and beauty. The old tradition of giving flowers as a way of expressing feelings and displaying affection has always been appealing and magical. But how are the right flowers picked for each occasion?

Flowers can be seen in weddings, graduations, anniversaries and in funerals. They bestow a constructive impact on an individual's emotions. Flowers represent and express different things and you have to be aware of these to be able to find the right flowers for every occasion. In choosing the right flowers, always remember the following:

  • Order flowers from a local flower shop in your area.  Support small business!
  • Select flowers with the colors that will suit the occasion.
  • Get what the recipient likes in flowers and colors.
  • Choose the flower arrangement that best conveys what you want to say.

Mother's Day Flowers
On Mother's day, the flowers that you should give are those with feminine nature like pink, red or white carnations and cut spring flowers. Pink carnations are said to be perfect for mother's day because these flowers mean "I will never forget you" and they stand as symbols of a mother's love. But it doesn't mean that they are the only option. You can also consider what your mom likes. Don't forget that the reason why you are giving her flowers on mother's day is to show that you think and care about her.

Valentine's Flowers
If you choose roses for Valentine's Day, then it means passion and love. You can also consider giving a sunflower which means admiration. Giving a tulip on Valentine's Day means a perfect lover. In addition, daisies, and lilies are romantic flowers that are perfect for showing your feelings on the hearts' day.

Birthday Flowers
It is easy to choose the flowers to be given to someone on their birthday. You can base your choices on the month of the year, much like birthstones. Here's a monthly flower guide:

  • January - carnation
  • February - violet
  • March - Daffodil
  • April - daisy
  • May - lily of the valley
  • June - rose
  • July - larkspur
  • August - gladiolus
  • September - aster
  • October - marigold 
  • November - chrysanthemum
  • December - poinsettia

This guide can be a starting point for the arrangement look and feel.  However, other types of flowers are always appropriate if you want to do a mixed bouquet.

Thanksgiving Flowers
Thanksgiving Day, the day when families spend their time together, is celebrated in the United States in the fourth Thursday of November. The flowers apt for this event are autumn flowers, sunflowers, cornucopia and alstroemeria.

Wedding Flowers
The flowers to be used in any wedding should depend on the preferences of the bride and the groom. It can also be based on the color of the bridesmaids' dresses; on the wedding theme; and on the church and reception site. Another factor to consider is the season due to not all flowers are available year round.

Flowers are most of the time associated with feelings. So it is important to take a little effort in picking the right flowers for every occasion.  Your local florist can always help you in deciding which flowers will be perfect for your occasion.

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